The Wellbeing Team exists to support the wellbeing of students at Trinity Hall. You can come to us with any issue impacting on your wellbeing. Whether it’s mental health, physical health, disability-related or other, we will discuss with you what your needs are, and either support you directly ourselves or help you access appropriate support from the University or elsewhere.

This is not an emergency service. If emergency support is required please read the Crisis Support information for help and advice.

Three smiling women sitting beneath a tree. They are the Trinity Hall (Cambridge) Wellbeing Team.

Who we are

The Wellbeing Team is a multi-disciplinary team that includes a Head of Wellbeing who is also an Advisor (Lisa Déry), a nurse (Jo Rhodes) and a Wellbeing Adviser (Carol Rockley). If you think you might need some help, just email, and we’ll arrange an assessment with you. You can also be referred by your tutor.

If you require medical advice or assistance, you can contact the Wellbeing Team or if you prefer to contact the nurse directly, you can reach her at (please note that the nurse works Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays and will respond to emails accordingly).

We are all professional, friendly and approachable, and so a warm welcome awaits you.

Photo left to right: Jo Rhodes (Nurse), Lisa Déry (Head of Wellbeing), Carol Rockley (Wellbeing Advisor)

How to access the Wellbeing Team

  • You can contact us directly on
  • We are also happy to receive referrals from your tutor
  • We try our best to respond within one to two working days, with a view to offering you an initial assessment within five working days of first contact
  • Our hours are from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday
  • We can meet you in-person, via video call or phone
  • We are based at Central Site and Wychfield

What we do

In the first instance, we will invite you for an initial Assessment (about 30 minutes). This is basically a conversation where we discuss with you what is impacting your wellbeing and assess with you what will be the most helpful way forward and how we can put this in place. This might be to receive direct support from a member of the Wellbeing Team, referral to another University service or sometimes referral to an outside agency.

How we work

The aim of the Wellbeing Service is to offer short-term, focused work, supporting undergraduate and postgraduate students to maintain their physical and mental wellbeing while in residence at Trinity Hall.

For those who require longer term support, we will support you in accessing that support, whether it be from the University, the NHS or elsewhere.

The Wellbeing Team is spread over two sites – central site and Wychfield.


No matter who you are working with, we are non-judgemental, and you can come to us with any issue, regardless of how the issue came about.


Confidentiality is between the student and the Wellbeing Team, and all appointments and sessions are confidential. This means that under normal circumstances nothing will leave our team without your express permission, even if a tutor, member of staff, family or friend contacts us.

Very occasionally and in very rare circumstances, we reserve the right to break confidentiality in line with our statutory and ethical obligations, these are:

  • If you are a danger to yourself.
  • If you are a danger to others.
  • If we are made aware of certain serious illegal activities.

However, even in such circumstances, we would always seek to speak with you first.

We also hold as confidential that you have chosen to use the service, with the below exceptions:

  • If a tutor has referred you to the service, we will write to the referrer to let them know that we have received the referral and an appointment to meet has been offered.
  • If we are contacted by a tutor or member of staff who has direct concerns regarding your welfare but has been unable to make contact with you we may confirm whether you are or are not using our service.

Sometimes, we may decide together that it may be in your best interest for the service to make contact with a third party e.g. if your personal difficulties or psychological problems are affecting your academic work, it could be helpful to write to your personal Tutor. This would only be done with your permission and in discussion with you.

Record Keeping

All your information that the team hold is kept under the terms of GPDR in line with College requirements.

Session notes are stored electronically. The confidentiality of these remains strictly within the team unless:

  • you ask to see them
  • you wish them to be shared for a specific reason, in which case we would request your written consent
  • there is clear and imminent risk to yourself or others
  • we are legally obliged to do so

All records are securely destroyed six years after you have left College.

How to help us

Due to the busy nature of the service, please reply within 24hrs of receipt of an appointment. If you have not confirmed attendance within this time frame it’s possible that we may have to re-allocate your offered session time, in which case you will be sent another appointment for a later date.

As far as possible, please give us at least 48 hrs notice if you need to cancel your appointment.

How to help yourself

We hope that you will feel able to reach out to us if you are struggling, but we recognise the importance of having access to useful information that can help you help yourself. For this purpose, we have provided some links to self-help resources.