Allan Flavell, Kitchen Admin Manager

What’s your favourite meal?

That’s a tricky one. It’s a toss-up between the lasagne and the pork with mustard sauce.

How has the work changed over the years?

Work and the food provided is unrecognisable compared with when I started. With the food it’s not only the quality that has improved but also the variety and, in the case of dinners, the way it’s served. With the office work I was the first one in the office to get a PC when I arrived and now everything is done on the PC. One of the sad things that’s happened is emails have taken over from the face-to-face interaction between office staff in many cases. Sometimes it’s easier to just chat face-to-face.

Who has the most famous person you’ve helped serve food to?

The most famous person we’ve served has to be the Queen when she came here as part of the College’s 650th anniversary.

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