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07 Feb 2018


1. Description by M. R. James

C. M. A. 2176. 3

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Vellum, I0 5/8 x  7 3/8, ff. 181, double columns of 40 lines.

Cent. xiv, in a good clear hand.                                      2 fo. honorum contra.
Chain-mark at middle top of f. 1.

At top of f. 1 an erasure and

Pari(si)ensis in Epistolis dominicalibus.

Many of the margins are covered with sermons written in a coarse ugly hand of cent. xiv, xv.


18-88 96 (wants 1) 108-238.


Sermons on the Sunday Epistles . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . f. 1

Hora est iam nos de sompno surgere etc. Hoc tempus dicitur tempus aduentuum.

Ends imperfectly f. 181 in the sermon for the last Sunday after Trinity.

The last of the marginal Sermons is on the Ascension.

The old numbering of the quires runs from i to ix omitting vi.

Then one blank, then from i to xiv.

The first of the marginal sermons is Sermo 2 de ascensions domini.

© N.J.R. James

2. Supplementary Descritpion

Author: Guilelmus Peraldus, OP (ca. 1190 – 1271)
Language: Latin
Origin: England
Date: 14th c., ca. 1300 – 1325
Material: Parchment
Physical Description: iii paper flyleaves + 181 folios + iii paper flyleaves, 268 x 188 (175 – 190 x 125) mm, 2 columns, 40 lines, ruled in crayon, catchwords, quire marks (at end of quire), quire lost after fol. 181
Rubric: None
Incipit: [H]ora est iam nos de sompno sugere et cetera; hoc tempus dicitur tempus adventuum
2o folio: Honorum contra
Explicit: N/A (ends imperfectly)
Contents: Fols. 1r – 181v, Sermons on Sunday Epistles (ends imperfectly)
Script: Gothic bookhand (textualis)
Decoration: None
Provenance: In College by 1600 (T. James catalogue no. 2176.3)
Binding: 17th / 18th c., brown leather over paste boards, blind-tooled open panel design, blue and white endbands, ‘T [.] 15’ on fore-edge; hole and rust-stains in centre of upper margin of first few folios from chain on earlier binding, significant worming for first few folios
Notes: More than one scribe? Guide-words for rubrics, but only filled in (haphazardly) from fol. 60r. Numerous Latin notes and draft sermons in 14th / early 15th c. documentary cursive hand throughout. 14th c. cursive title ‘Pariensis’, top foil. 1r. Note from B. Atkinson, Under-Librarian of CUL, to Rev. W. O. Chadwick, identifying Peraldus as author, and noting that work often attributed (as here) to Guilelmus Parisiensis in middle ages. Erased inscription, top fol. 1r. Lower margin cut out fol. 5, lower right corner cut out fols. 10, 32.
Bibliography: M. R. James, Catalogue of Manuscripts in Trinity Hall (Cambridge, 1907), 32

© Trinity Hall, Cambridge