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Written by:
Paul Holland
28 Feb 2024

The Lent Bumps are upon us for another year. High water levels have meant many lower-boat crews cannot race. Despite this Trinity Hall Boat Club has four crews taking part this year. Our Men’s and Women’s second boats (M2 and W2) and the First Boats (M1 and W1).

Bumps involve separate divisions of rowing VIIIs racing against each other every day during the week (Tuesday to Saturday). It is, technically, over four days with each crew having a rest day. The race itself sees each crew setting off at the same time but one behind the other: around 17 boats in each division. The rules are complex but the aim is to “bump” (ie touch, overlap or overtake) the boat ahead, while avoiding being caught by the boat behind.

Paul Townshend, Head Rowing Coach and Boathouse Manager for Trinity Hall, describes the outcome of each day’s Lent Bumps racing below.