Sea terms and, Geographical tracts

(old shelfmark ** A32)

Language: English, with Latin
Origin: England (?)
Date: 17th c., ca. 1660 – 1690
Material: Paper (no watermarks visible)
Physical Description: 148 folios, 177 x 115 (ca. 166 x ca. 92 – 108) mm, 32 – 35 long lines, ruled in plummet
Rubric: Sea Termes
Incipit: Aft or Abaft: Fromwards the stem towards the sterne
2o folio: The Brak or Brak-strad
Explicit: Taffilette a province of Fez & lies betw[een] it & the north.  FINIS.
Contents: Fols. 1r – 26r, Glossary of nautical terms; fol. 26r, Names of the winds; fol. 26v, Notes on the globe; fols. 27r – 34v, Geographical principals; fols. 35r – 13v, Geographical description of the world; fols. 132r – 148v, Almanac-style facts and historical information about countries
Script: Cursive mixed hand
Decoration: None
Provenance: In Trinity Hall by 1830 (Haenel 21,22)
Binding: 17th / 18th c., mottled brown leather over paste boards, blind- tooled open panel design, pink and cream endbands, mottled red and black edges
Notes: Probably same scribe throughout; annotations in separate hand. Flyleaves torn out.

© Trinity Hall, Cambridge