Miscellaneous extracts from State Papers, The Gentleman’s Magazine etc.

(old shelfmark **A.83)

Language: English
Origin: England, ?York
Date: 20th c., ca. 1918 – 1961
Material: Paper (factory made)
Physical Description: 327 pages (paginated i – xxxiv, 1 – 307, xxxv – lxv), 202 x 152 (180 x 110) mm, 33 – 39 long lines, ruled in pink ink, running headers
Rubric: N/A
Incipit: Stephen Gardiner, being asked if he thought he should ever get his bishopric again
2o folio: The account of
Explicit: At Selby in Yorkshire a woman of lose character was delivered of 4 children, one of which wanted arms & legs and none lived above two days.
Contents: pp. ix – xxxiii, Index (incomplete); pp. 1 – 20, Extracts from State Papers etc, mainly temp. Elizabeth I; pp. 21 – 46, ‘Narrative of the executions of the Jacobite lords after the Rising of 1745’; pp. 47 – 307, Extracts from the Gentleman’s magazine, March 1731 – May 1732
Script: Documentary cursive (pseudo-Secretary, pp. 1 – 20)
Scribe: George Edward Larman (1895 – 1961)
Decoration: None
Provenance: George Edward Larman (1895 – 1961); his bequest, 1961
Binding: 19th / 20th c., brown leather over paste boards, blind-tooled edge design, leather over endbands (probably made as a blank notebook)
Notes: Account of the Jacobite executions is Larman’s own; he provides footnotes and a bibliography, p. 46.

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