Pastoral and wellbeing support

The current Coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly brought personal hardship, difficulties and anxiety to many, if not most, of us in different ways. Both Trinity Hall and the University are committed to offering as much help as possible.

Looking after yourself in self isolation and lockdown

Acknowledging our emotions and putting aside some time for self-care is now more important than ever.   

Right now, most people will be experiencing a range of intense emotions including anger, frustration, sadness and, the big one, anxiety. We’ve put together some top tips for looking after yourself.

Take a look at the ‘Looking after yourself in self isolation and lockdown’ page for tips on self-care, cooking, entertainment recommendations and more.

Support from Trinity Hall

Within Trinity Hall, the College is committed to maintaining its extensive resources of peer group and pastoral support through the Welfare Officers for the JCR and MCR; Mental Health & Wellbeing Team; College Nurse; Dean of Chapel; and Tutors. We encourage all students to remain in close and frequent contact with friends and family by phone and social media.

Please also remember that the Central Site Porters’ Lodge remains open 24 hours a day if you need help: 01223 332500. Please let your Tutor, the Mental Health & Wellbeing Team, the Porters, or someone else in College if you are feeling lonely, anxious or isolated.

Support from the University

The University’s core support services are the University Counselling Service and the Disability Resource Centre. Do make use of these services, if needed. Extensive advice regarding online support and other sources of information is also available on the University’s wellbeing website.

Additional support from Mind and the University of Cambridge

Mind and the University of Cambridge have teamed up to pilot their new Mentally Healthy Universities Programme which aims to help students look after their mental health during their studies and into the workplace.

Please note that this programme is not a replacement for 1 to 1 support.  If you are already experiencing high levels of distress and think you might need help please contact:

The Mentally Healthy Universities Programme offers two different programmes for mental health support.

Programme 1 – Tools & Techniques for Student Mental Health

This short, four-week course is delivered by experienced mental health trainers and has been designed specifically for undergraduates. The sessions create space for students to discuss and learn about mental health with peers, share experiences and knowledge, and break down stigma.  Sessions will be delivered online via zoom.

The course consists of a weekly 2-hour interactive workshop over four weeks with 30 minutes of independent online learning between sessions.  There are 10-15 students per course.

  • Week 1 – It matters what you focus on – attention training
  • Week 2 – Habits & dwelling – how to change them
  • Week 3 – Dealing with difficult emotions – keeping your balance
  • Week 4 – Transforming worries and improving performance

90% of the students who completed the course last year said they felt more confident looking after their mental health and 100% said they would recommend it to a friend.

You don’t need any previous knowledge or experience to sign up.

To sign up, please visit:

For more information and to find out about other workshops visit CPSL Mind.

Are the workshops/courses right for me?
If you have any questions about the course, please contact Emma from CPSL Mind: or Chad from the University of Cambridge:

Programme 2 – The University Good Life Project

This programme offers Good Mood Cafes and Open Door Calm Spaces which are facilitated online via Zoom.

Good Mood Cafes take place every Thursday at 2pm and offer an opportunity to meet other like-minded students in a friendly and informal space. They encourage open conversations about wellbeing and offer a chance to share your own wellbeing tips, interests and experiences.

The Open Door Calm Spaces take place every Wednesday at 3pm and provide a safe space to learn self-help techniques such as breathing exercises and mindfulness, which can help reduce stress and anxiety. 

These sessions also offer the chance to share your own self-help techniques with other students as well as designated quality time to self-care in a relaxed environment.

Sign up by submitting this form (log in with your Raven ID), or by emailing using your email address. You will then be sent the Zoom link to join.

Visit the CPSL Mind Student Webpage for more information.

We know that this is a challenging and peculiar time for all. Try to remember that looking after yourself is key.


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