Reporting Options for Students

Many concerns and complaints can be dealt with quickly and effectively through informal means and students should speak with their Tutors about this. If, however, informal action is not effective or appropriate, then there are formal reporting channels available to students.

The following is an outline of procedures detailed in the Student Handbook (Section 7).

Your Tutor, the Senior Tutor, or the College Discrimination and Harassment Contact will be able to help you understand the different options and can advise on where it is appropriate to take a complaint.

Complaints made to the University’s Office for Student Conduct, Complaints and Appeals (OSCCA)

The University administers its own Student Complaints Procedure, which is available for all undergraduate and postgraduate students. Further information about the Office and its procedures is available on the OSCCA website.

The University student complaints procedure may be used where, for instance, a student wishes to complain about a particular course of study or course of research (e.g. University teaching or supervision), or about facilities or other service issues (e.g. academic and other support services).

The procedure may also be used for dealing with complaints about the behaviour of others in a University setting (e.g. a member of University staff, another student), where, for example, the behaviour constitutes harassment or bullying.

Additionally, any complaints that include allegations of serious sexual misconduct will usually be referred to OSCCA, which has been especially resourced to investigate complaints of this nature.

Complaints made to the College

The College complaints procedure normally deals with complaints about a service or provision within College. Ordinarily, students should speak with their Tutor in the first instance.

Complaints about the conduct of a student or PDRA, however, are usually raised as concerns under the Code of Discipline.

Concerns regarding students and PDRAs within College

If a complaint relates to a breach of the Code of Discipline for Students and PDRAs, you may make a ‘Report of Concern’ under the Code of Discipline, or you may be referred to that procedure (for the relevant form, see the College Policies webpage).

Concerns submitted via the Code of Discipline for Students and PDRAS will be referred to the Dean of Discipline, Professor Alexander Marr.

Concerns regarding College operational staff or Fellows

Normally, your Tutor is your first point of contact for complaints regarding academic or operational staff. Serious concerns could, alternatively, be raised with the Senior Tutor or the Junior Bursar.