Notable Alumni

Did you know that among Trinity Hall’s former students are an Oscar-winning actress, a 16th century Protestant martyr, a Director of the National Theatre and a Prime Minister? They’re a sporty lot, too, with 20 Olympians including 15 medal winners! Here is a small selection:

Name Career
1519 Thomas Bilney 16th-century Protestant reformer and martyr
1759 Arthur Middleton Signed the Declaration of Independence in 1776
1903 Stanley Melbourne Bruce Former Prime Minister of Australia
1908 Ba U Second President of Union of Burma
1912 Khwaja Nazimuddin Pakistan’s second Prime Minister
1919 J B Priestley Novelist and playwright
1928 Billy Fiske Olympic gold medallist (Bobsleigh)
1934 Marshall McLuhan Media theorist
1948 Geoffrey Howe Former Deputy Prime Minister
1952 Hans Blix Head of the United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission
1952 David Thouless Physicist and Nobel Laureate (Physics, 2016)
1956 Mark Tully Journalist and writer
1962 Stephen Hawking Theoretical physicist
1963 David Johnston The Governor General of Canada
1974 Nicholas Hytner Former Director of the National Theatre
1977 Andrew Marr Political journalist and broadcaster
1977 Richard Vranch Comedian, actor and musician
1979 Chris Blackhurst Editor of The Independent
1979 Harriet Lamb CEO of International Alert, former CEO of Fairtrade International
1979 Tony Slattery Actor and comedian
1979 Isabel Wolff Author
1988 Rachel Weisz Academy Award-winning actor
1998 Sophie Winkleman Actor
2001 Emma Pooley Olympic & Commonwealth Games silver medalist (cycling)
2002 Tom James Olympic gold medalist (rowing)

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