MS. 12 Illustrations : III. La Regale du Monde

Illustrations 281-292

281 a) Regale du Monde.

281) f. 100. In a building, a king seated, the author kneels and presents his book: five courtiers. On the wall 3 shields: 1, with dolphin, 2, 3 lilies, 3, crowned eagle.

282) Two rooms. L. a king kneeling: blue shield above R. A king seated gives letter to a messenger. Courtiers. This is the king of France praying, and then declaring war against the leopard (England).

283) f. 100 b. A battle of infantry: English and French banners.

284) f. 101. A man in red, holding a fleur-de-lys, addressed by an ecclesiastic (the author) in white, and fur tippet.

285) f. 101 b. In a building, king seated: the ecclesiastic kneels and presents a book. Behind him is a youth in red.

286) The month of May. A lover and maiden on the ground: above, stars in three bands, a goddess scattering flowers, and another with a torch.

287) f. 102. Fruit-trees, vines, corn and vegetables growing.

288) Lovers by a stream: dog, flagon and tumbler on the ground, trees, flowers and birds round.

289) f. 102 b. 3/4 of a page. Below, in a house, the author in bed; a fur quilt over him. Above, a scene of mountains, in centre in front a dolphin crowned with fleurs-de-lys which a leopard on each side gnaws. An angel with 4 or 6 wings flies down with blank scroll. On each side three covered carts each with 4 horses and a postilion. Those on L. contain a dove, a hawk and a ‘tarinus’ (greenfinch). Those on R. a sow, a wolf and a fox.

290) f. 103. Between two lily plants a shield party per pale: azure three fleurs-de-lys or, the sinister half obscured by: party per fess in chief gules a crowned eagle or; in base argent (?) a delphin vert with a purse (?) in his mouth.

291) f. 103 b. Prologue. Two trees: two casks, a man pours wine out of a flagon into a tumbler.

292) f.104 (one column). At top, nine angels in 3 rows (1) six-winged, (2) crowned and sceptred, (3) plain. Below, the seven arts, female figures. (1) astronomia with astrolabe. (2) musique, harp. (3) geometrie, square and compasses. (4) arismetica, board with holes. (5) logica, two serpents, one human-headed. (6) graminatica, holds a boy’s hand. (7) rethorica seated with scroll.

First Vision

293) f. 105. First vision. In a house, the author in bed, a seraph with a scroll.

294) f. 105 b. Similar. The author sits up.

295) In an oval of clouds, the Father in tiara holds the Crucifix: above it the Dove (an Italian Trinity).

296) f. 106. In vesica of clouds the Father in tiara with orb.

297) (In vesica) The Son with cross-staff on shoulder.

298) f. 106 b. The Dove flies down out of cloud with scroll: omne datum optimum descendens a patre luminum.

299) The Virgin crowned throned with the Child, scroll: ego mater pulcre dileccionis et timoris etc.

[f. 107 is the misplaced leaf of Boethius.]

300, 301) f. 108. Two sieges. (1) Hannibal besieging Rome. (2) Scipio besieging Carthage (the news of which made Hannibal leave Rome).

302) f. 109. In a church, the author in almuce kneels and confesses to a priest in almuce.

Second Vision

303) f. 109 b. Second vision. Full-page. Three covered carts (in three tiers) going to L.: each drawn by 4 horses harnessed 1, 2, 1, a rider on the last. A beast in each cart. All have names viz. (from top):

1. Horses. Symonie luxure sacrileges ypocrisie. Rider. perrot sans foy. In cart: a fox or wolf. Affliccion.

2. Horses. Couardise vantise roberie violemens. Rider. iorges cueur faint. In cart a wolf or fox. Prodiccion.

3. Horses. Periure. trecherie auarice sophisticacion. Rider. Mathieu sans loy. In cart a pig. Decepcion.

Third Vision

304) f. 111. Third vision. Full-page. A similar picture, horses harnessed 2, 1, 1, birds in the carts.

1. Horses. Abstinence pacience doctrine oroison. Rider. Colin le franc. In cart. Charite.

2. Horses. Equite proesce largece honneur. Rider. Pepin le preux. In cart. loialte.

3. Horses. Simplece labour obedience confisance. Rider. Calin Laperet. In cart. Verite.

305) f. 112. A house, a man in gown in the door, a man in red outside, with mace, speaks. (This is the Pope’s palace.)

306) f. 112 b. A turreted palace. In it the Pope throned, before him the three birds, hawk, dove and greenfinch on perches: also 2 cardinals, 2 bishops and the fox, wolf and pig robed.

307) f. 113 b. Two blind men fall into a round pit.

308) f. 114. A kitchen with fire, two female servants, one gives a covered dish to a male servant: a harper on L.

309) f. 114 b. In a house a man kneels to a judge (?bribes him): on R .stands before the same judge.

310) f. 115. A church, in it a priest at the altar and takes the host (after sinning).

311) f. 115 b. Before a king a man kneels with his tongue out. A man behind who is bleeding holds his elbow and is about to strike him with a club.

312) f. 118. Like no. 306. The hawk has a blank scroll (speaks) and the fox also. Rubric. Le Regnart parle.

Fourth Vision

313) f. 119. Fourth vision. In a palace a crowd of men, the3 birds on perches, the hawk speaking.

314) (Perhaps part of 313.) A palace. A king throned holding gloves: a man kneels before him, three others.

315) f. 119 b. Scene before the Pope, the audience seated. The hawk speaks. Rubric. Le chant de lespreuier.

316) f. 120. A hound fawning on a man. Tree on R.

317) f. 120 b. (The old fashion.) In a room a gentleman in ermined gown holding a red fruit (?) and gloves: a child similarly dressed but in a short cloak, two spectators.

318) f. 121. (The new fashion.) A youth in tunic and hanging sleeves on a staircase, the author (?) with blank scroll looks at him.

319) f. 121 b.Rex amon (Hanun) throned, before him one of David’s ambassadors kneels with clothes cut short: a courtier cuts the clothes of another, spectators.

320) A lady among trees, with a dog, looks in a hand-mirror.

321) f. 123. (New fashion?) Tents, armed warriors asleep.

322) A siege, scaling ladder, miners etc.

323) f. 123 b. Two lovers seated on a bed.

324) f. 125. A church, a priest at the altar holds the host: close by him stands a man with hat on, and dagger at girdle. (Lairs ought not to be in the chancel.)

Fifth Vision

325) f. 126 b. Fifth vision. In a building the ‘tarin’ (greenfinch) on a perch with scroll (speaking), audience on each side.

326) f. 127 b. Section of the sphere, to show the elements.

(Here begins a survey of the various trades.)

327) f. 128. Butcher’s shop, candles lighted, shopman with axe and customer.

328) f. 128 b. Chandler in shop, holding bunch of candles, customer.

329) Baker puts bread in oven with bread peel, dough on a dish on the counter.

330) Skinner scraping a skin, others hanging up.

331) Shoemaker cuts leather, row of shoes hang up, assistant measures customer.

332) f. 129. Draper and another beating a fur quilt, cloths on counter.

333) Frame with cloths stretched on it, red and green.

334) A man carding cloth hung on a bar.

335) f. 129 b. A man cutting a web with shears, others hung on a bar.

336) Two saddles, one embroidered, on stands: dealer and customer behind.

337) Ironmonger and customer: fire-dog, gridiron, balances etc.

338) A man roasting a pig or bird on a spit and pointing to it.

339) f. 130. A man weighing cherries? in scales, and depressing one scale with his finger: a basket of fruit by him.

340) f. 130 b. A grocer’s shop with sacks, pots, vases, etc.: customer.

341) Corn merchant with sacks by him, and customer.

342) Vintner pouring wine out of flagon in shop door. Sign of a gridiron? over the door: casks and flagons in the shop.

343) f. 131. Goldsmith with chalice, and customer: girdles, cups, etc. and furnace behind.

344) Wool and thread seller, wool winder on counter, and balls of wool in boxes.

345) A man weighing a sack on a steelyard, customer.

346) f. 131 b. Fruiterer’s shop with baskets of apples etc.: women buying.

347) Seated usurer gives bag to woman.

348) Man with pile of gold on counter and gold vessels behind takes a written bond from one on R.

349) f. 132. Two advocates in gowns and skull caps: one seated ; three suppliants.

350) f. 132 b. Two minstrels blowing trumpets, four people (a wedding party?) at a table.

351) An acrobat hangs by his feet from a rope between two uprights, his arms folded.

352) A boy with book, a schoolmaster hits his head with birch.

353) f. 133. A windmill of wood with skins on the sails; miller and customer seen within.

354) A fishwife in her shop: various fish on the counter and in tubs and baskets.

355) f. 133 b. Two men thresh with flails.

356) A man with whip riding (farmer?).

357) A carter leading his horse and cart.

358) f. 134. A reaper: a man with a hotte of grapes: a man treading grapes.

Sixth Vision

359) f. 134 b. Sixth vision. A church with weathercock. A priest at the altar, kneeling server.

360) f. 135. Author in bed : a seraph above.

361) f. 135 b. One combs the head of a seated man, another sits and scratches himself.

362) A man beats a child on the head with a stick.

363) f. 136. A house on fire: men on the roof with axe and cask, one climbs a ladder with a vessel, one stands below with pail.

364) f. 136 b. Procession of coped ecclesiastics and laics by a church: cross, holy water bucket etc.

365) f. 137. A city (Nineveh). In it king and people pray. Jonah speaks.

366) f. 138 b. The fox in gown.

367)   The wolf in gown.

368) f. 139. The sow in gown.

369) The dove on a perch.

370) The hawk on a perch.

371) f. 139 b. The greenfinch on a bush.

372) f. 140. Priest at altar, server behind.

373) Before a house with steps the author gives his book to one of several gentlemen.

374) f. 140 b. The fox, wolf and pig in gowns conferring.

375) f. 141. The king in his room reading at a desk: the three birds look in at a window.

376) f. 141 b. The king holding a book addresses his council.

377) f. 141 b. The king seated, the three beasts speak to him.

378) f. 142. The king kneels at desk, with open book, praying.

379) The author holds a scroll.

380) f. 144. Full-page. The Crucifixion, with Thieves. Skulls and bones on the ground. The Virgin and John (with book) in front. A soldier with scroll: si filius deiest descendat. Longinus with spear, man with reed and sponge (R.). Jew with scroll: vere filius dei erat iste. The bad thief has scroll: alios saluos fecit se ipsum. The good thief (L.memento mei cum ueneris in regno.

381) f. 145. Two pictures. Above. Emperor Maxentius seated, looks R. Before him a crowned lady: on R. S. Katherine nude crowned between the wheels: four executioners, divine hand above.

382) Below. L. Katherine crowned talks to a group of philosophers. R. Maxentius throned: Katherine kneels blindfold about to be beheaded, rock and spring on R. Above, two angels hold her soul in a cloth.

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