MS. 12 Illustrations : I. Boethius De consolatione philosophiae : Liber iii

103) f. 36. 2nd prose. A (drunken) man by a house, looking up.

104) f. 36 b2nd metre. A man beats a lion: a lion tears a man.

105) Birds on a tree: birds in a cage on R.

106) A man bends down a tree, on R. it is upright and he is going away.

107) A man looking down on the earth. Clouds above, two suns in the sky.

108) f. 37. 3rd prose. A man with dagger attacks one with purse (Might is Right).

109) f. 37 b. 3rd metre. A body in a coffin: a chest of money behind.

110) f. 38. 4th prose. Nero throned. Catulus standing.

111) f. 38 b. 4th metre. Nero and two women embracing.

112) f. 39. 5th prose. Damocles at table: 3 servants: a sword hangs over him from a bracket.

113) Dionysius riding out with his train.

114) A girl shaves Dionysius: another holds the basin.

115) f. 39 b. Seneca in a tub: a man opens a vein in his arm.

116) Papinian shot with arrows by two men.

117) f. 40 b. 6th metre. Three figures on the ground: the soul of one is taken up by an angel who is seen with God in a cloud. Boece? on R. watches.

118) 7th prose. Boece? watching a man and woman making love.

119) f. 41. A boar and sow.

120) 7th metre. A bee flying: a hive on R.

121) f. 41 b. 8th prose. An elephant and castle with 8 men.

122) f. 42. A bull and cow?

123) A tiger, spotted.

124) f. 42 b. A (beautiful) woman. Aristotle looks at her: on R. two scholars.

125) A lynx looking through a wall.

126) f. 43. 8th metre. A wild goat on a hill.

127) A mermaid with comb and glass : a ship and mariner.

128) f. 43 b. 9th prose. A scorpion.

129) f. 44 b. Plato at desk: clouds above.

130) Philosophy and Boece kneeling: sun and moon, in clouds above.

131) f. 45. 9th metre. Section of the sphere: the four elements marked.

132) f. 45 b. 10th prose. A man gives money to one kneeling.

133) f. 46 b. 10th metre. The Asylum at Rome, a man with wounded head outside: one with stick enters.

134) f. 47. The Tagus (Targus), a river full of jewels : the sun shines on it.

135) f. 47 b.11thprose. Beasts feeding.

136) Fruit-trees by a stream.

137) f.48. Three men: one with a vessel of fire on his back digs, another plies a mattock in a stream: the third has a raised sword.

138) Two rooms: a man in one eats: in the other a man in bed.

139) f. 48 b. 11th metre. Two doctors converse.

140) f. 49. 12th prose. The solar system: God at the top: 4 angels hold it.

141) f. 50. Fire falls from clouds on men.

142) A plan of the Cretan labyrinth.

143) f. 50 b. 12th metre. Orpheus with bagpipe, beasts accompany him: trees and water.

144) f. 51. Orpheus with bagpipe enters the gate of Hell: Cerberus and 2 devils inside.

145) Hell: female devils (the Furies) and Orpheus.

146) Ixion on his wheel: Orpheus. Here and elsewhere Hell has 4 flaming chimneys.

147) f. 51 b. Tantalus up to his neck in water: two fruit-trees. Orpheus.

148) Tityus : a small bird on him: Orpheus.

149) f. 52. Two devils dismiss Eurydice : Orpheus on R.

150) Orpheus on L. looks to R. Eurydice reenters Hell: 3 devils.

151) f. 52 b. Full-page. Canopies. S. Berthelemi, knife and book.

152) S. Andrieu, saltire cross and book.

153) f. 53. S. Symon, sword and book.

154) S. Iude, halbert and book.

155) f. 53 b. S. Matthieu, sword and book.

156) S. Iaque le mende (James the Less) hooded: club and book.

157) f.54. S. Thomas, spear and book.

158) S. Barnabe, spear and bowl of fire.

159) f. 54 b. The Transfiguration. At top, bust of the Father and two angels. Scroll: hic est filius meus dilectus in quo mihi complacui. Below, L. Moses horned with tables of law. Scroll: Moises cornuta facie propheta domini dei.C. Christ looking to L. R. Elias in cap and diadem. Scroll: Helias propheta domini dei. A background of clouds. Below, James and Peter on the ground. John is not seen.

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