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Careers Network

The Trinity Hall Careers Network provides a platform for alumni and students to connect with each other on a professional level, offering advice, internships, jobs and networking opportunities. If you would be interested in supporting students in any of the following ways, please contact James Adamcheski-Halson, in the Alumni and Development Office, on

Careers Directory

We have developed an online careers directory on where students and alumni can search to find Trinity Hall members working in certain careers, companies or locations and make contact for informal advice and insights. To sign up, please follow the instructions in the FAQs section below.

The Nicholson Careers Evening

We hold the annual Nicholson Careers Evening in Michaelmas Term, usually the first week of November, with thanks to the Nick Nicholson Fund. If you are interested in being part of a careers panel please get in touch.

Bespoke Careers Events

Bespoke events are also run subject to the needs of the student body. Recently, we have run events on Accounting for Non-Accountants, Careers in Mental Health, Networking skills, Pitching and Presentation skills, the Telethon and Careers in Fundraising and ClickHall our Crowdfunding Platform.

If you would like to offer your time for an event in a specific field, please let us know.

Careers Guide

We have developed careers pages for students on the College intranet and have written a ‘what it means to work in guide’ to give students an insight into particular careers. We have asked alumni to write a few sentences about what their job entails on a day-to-day basis, the skills they think are needed for the role and common career progression in that field.


Employers are increasingly looking for graduates to have relevant work experience. Students have benefited through connections with alumni who have offered internships and work placements to Trinity Hall students within their companies. The internships are advertised through our intranet pages and through student mailing lists. You can also tick the work experience checkbox on your profile on

Download the common best practice code for internships from Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.

Please complete the form below if you have an internship, work experience or job opportunity currently available for students at Trinity Hall.

Opportunities Form +-

Careers Network: Internships and Job Opportunities form

Form for those interested in offering students of Trinity Hall internships or job opportunities. Please complete the form below in full. Thank you very much!

Entrepreneurs Network (THEN)

Trinity Hall’s Entrepreneurs Network encourages student entrepreneurship at Trinity Hall, compliment the work of the University Enterprise Network, and raise the profile of the College through increasing engagement with wider innovation and entrepreneurship communities.

Mentoring Scheme

The Trinity Hall mentoring scheme has been established to help provide students with a mentor to help them better understand their future career possibilities and to help facilitate connections between members of the Trinity Hall community in the same field.

We have launched the mentoring scheme with a focus on law and we would ask any alumni who read law and are working in that field if they would be willing to act as a mentor to current law students during the academic year. Mentors are available to be consulted should a mentee need advice.  We ask that a mentor have at least one twenty minute phone call with a mentee during the year.

Any alumni who are willing to volunteer to be a mentor should download the form and return it to the Development Office.  The Director of Studies and Development Office  endeavour to match up mentor and mentee based on professional interests.

We aim to expand this mentoring scheme to other subjects after this initial pilot.

For those wanted to help offer careers advice, but in a less formal structure it is possible to update your profile on to say you are willing to offer careers advice.  This means students are able to contact alumni who have signed up to our Careers Directory with any questions using private messaging on

Law Mentoring Scheme

Find out about Mentoring in Law +-

The mentoring scheme aims to:

  • Provide students with a mentor to help them understand about future careers in law
  • Help facilitate connections between members of the Trinity Hall community with an interest in law
  • Help increase applicants for law to Trinity Hall

Mentors should be available to be consulted should a mentee need advice. We ask that a mentor is prepared to have at least one 20 minute conversation, or two 10 minute conversations, with the mentee during the academic year.The mentee makes the initial contact and it is then up to the mentor and the student to agree the nature of the arrangement. Some mentors may feel able to have more regular conversations, to meet their mentee in London and invite them to their place of work, or meet them before the Trinity Hall Law Society (THLS) annual dinner in College (which is held in February every year). However a mentor should feel free to say no if the time commitment is too great. We advise students to be sympathetic that mentors are likely to have busy schedules and may not be able to respond to questions immediately. We also ask mentors to be aware that students may be new to law and not have well-defined career plans as yet. As a mentor, an alumnus/a volunteers to take a personal interest in the progress of a mentee. However, mentors are not intended to act as tutors or welfare officers – if a mentor has any concerns about a mentee this should be communicated to the Director of Studies. Mentoring should not be seen as a recruitment tool that avoids the proper channels. Should you wish to terminate the arrangement at any time then please contact us.

If you would like to take part in the mentoring scheme for lawyers please complete the form below and return it to the Development Office. This form gives more information about your career and is made available to the Director of Studies and mentee. The Director of Studies and Development Office endeavour to match up mentor and mentee based on professional interests. If you have any feedback about the scheme do get in touch.

Law Mentoring Mentor form 2018_19

Please send your completed form to



How do I sign up? +-
  • Log in to (if you have never registered before select new user sign up and fill out your profile form)
  • Click on update my profile on the left
  • Select business & careers
  • Update your current business details; you can select what information you are willing to make public to those searching the directory and what you would prefer to remain private.
  • At the bottom of the page in the careers network section, please select yes if you would like to join the careers network.  You can also select if your company may be able to offer work experience.
  • Add any notes at the bottom in the careers notes section.
  • Students are able to search the careers directory by industry and subject and contact other Trinity Hall members via a private message.  You can limit the contact information that is visible to other users on your profile.
How do I search the Careers Network? +-
  • Log in to and click search the careers network on the left hand side.
  • Search by industry, matriculation year, subject studied while at Trinity Hall or by using keywords to search the career notes sections.
  • Clicking send message alongside the search results will enable you to send a private message to the individual.
How to I offer advice to students from other Colleges? +-

If you are willing to offer advice to students from other colleges, you can register on the University Careers Service online directory, Gradlink.

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