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The Careers Network and LinkHall

The Trinity Hall community has a wealth of experience and knowledge and the Trinity Hall Careers Network provides a platform for alumni and students to connect with each other on a professional level, offering advice, mentoring, internships, jobs and networking opportunities. If you would be interested in supporting our global community in any of the following ways, please visit LinkHall, create an account and during this process you will be asked to indicate your preferences.

Careers Directory on LinkHall

We have developed an online careers directory on LinkHall where students and alumni can search to find Trinity Hall members working in certain careers, in certain companies or in certain locations. If you would be interested in signing up please follow the steps below; doing so means you agree to be contacted for careers advice by current students or graduates by private message.

How to join LinkHall

  • Visit (if you have never registered before select click a link on the sliding banner or if you have registered, (and have forgotten your login details), please visit the ‘Sign in’ link at the top-right of the page
  • You can login using your LinkedIn, Google or Facebook credentials however if you prefer, you can register with email instead
  • Please complete the registration form in full and do consider adding a photograph of yourself
  • If you would like to become a mentor, offer informal careers advice and/or work experience, please kindly select the relevant tickboxes in the ‘Willing to help’ section
  • If you are looking for careers support from your peers, please complete the ‘Seeking help’ section
  • Please note that if you choose to sign in using your LinkedIn credentials, elements of your profile will be pulled through to LinkHall such as job history etc…
  • Your account usually becomes active within 1 working day but if there are any issues, we will contact you within 3 working days
  • If you have any difficulties signing up, please email us at

Searching the Careers Directory

  • To search the Careers Network please log in to LinkHall and click “Community” on the left hand side
  • Search by industry, matriculation year, subject studied while at Trinity Hall and more
  • Clicking ‘Message’ within an individual’s profile will enable you to send a private message to the individual. Your message will be sent to the email address of the individual in questions and vice versa. You are encouraged to use this mechanism to communicate wth your peers regarding anything LinkHall related
  • Underneath the ‘Message’ button, you will find links to Facebook Messenger, Skype and Google Hangouts assuming these have been setup by the individual. These links will enable you to communicate via these methods
  • You can set these up for yourself by visiting the ‘Settings cog’ which appears to the top-right of your profile page


  • To find a mentor, visit the ‘Advice & Mentoring’ section
  • LinkHall will show you your top suggested mentors and here you will also be able to search by company and industry
  • If your matches are not appropriate, please update your profile and try again
  • Once you have found your best match, click the ‘Connect’ button
  • To become a mentor, please edit your ‘Offer Mentoring’ selections
  • You will then be contacted by a prospective mentee in due course

A guide to becoming a mentor or mentee can be found below.

Offering Careers Advice

If you would prefer to offer informal careers advice rather than establishing a mentor relationship, please update the ‘Offer help’ selections found in your profile

Jobs & Opportunities

Employers are increasingly looking for graduates to have relevant work experience. Students have benefited through connections with alumni who have offered internships and work placements to Trinity Hall students within their companies. These roles are advertised on LinkHall and through student mailing lists. If you have any roles suitable for students or alumni professionals, please visit LinkHall where you can post these.

Download the common best practice code for internships from Department for Business, Innovation & Skills.

The Nicholson Careers Evening

We hold an annual Careers Evening in Michaelmas Term, with thanks to the Nick Nicholson Fund. We may contact those who have signed up to the career network to ask if they would be interested in being part of a careers panel – if you would be interested in being part of the panel please contact The event takes place in early November each year.

If you or your company would like to offer a recruitment or networking event, you can publicise information about this in the ‘Events’ section. Alumni organising a recruitment event would be entitled to no venue hire charge and a 5% discount on food and drink.

If you or your company would like to sponsor a student society event, please let us know at

Bespoke Careers Events

Bespoke events are also run subject to the needs of the student body. Recently, we have run events on Accounting for Non-Accountants, Careers in Mental Health, Networking skills, Pitching and Presentation skills, the Telephone Campaigns, Careers in Fundraising and ClickHall our Crowdfunding Platform.

If you would like to offer your time for an event in a specific field, please let us know.

Careers Guide

LinkHall is the new home of our  ‘what it means to work in guide’ to give students an insight into particular careers. We have asked alumni to write a few sentences about what their job entails on a day-to-day basis, the skills they think are needed for the role and common career progression in that field. If you would like to do this, please let us know.

Entrepreneurs Network (THEN)

Trinity Hall’s Entrepreneurs Network encourages student entrepreneurship at Trinity Hall and among the College community, compliment the work of the University Enterprise Network, and raise the profile of the College through increasing engagement with wider innovation and entrepreneurship communities. The Network is open to all.

Guide to Mentoring

LinkHall offers alumni the opportunity to mentor current students and/or young alumni professionals. It will help provide them with a mentor to help them better understand their future career possibilities and to help facilitate professional networking between members of the Trinity Hall community in the same field.

Aims of Mentoring on LinkHall

The aim of LinkHall’s Mentoring System is to provide students or young alumni professionals with a point of contact within their chosen industry or areas of interest who can provide:

  • Information on the structure and organisation of the industry and insights into the specialist areas of activity within it
  • General advice on employment prospects and the nature of work within the industry
  • Updates on the state of the market and developments in the industry and related professions
  • Suggestions on research topics and/or data sources relevant to the industry if appropriate
  • General support and advice on business matters and the working environment.

The amount of contact and the nature of the interaction between mentor and mentee will be agreed between participants. As a minimum, it is expected that there will be at least one twenty minute conversation during the year and email exchanges. However, this is entirely up to each participant.*

LinkHall will automatically match up mentors and mentees taking into account interests and areas of expertise but it will not be possible to match each student and each mentor’s requirements exactly. In addition, potential mentees can contact alumni who have indicated they are willing to help directly to establish a relationship.

Any alumni who are willing to volunteer to be a mentor should signup to LinkHall and update their profile.

For those who would like to help offer careers advice, but in a less formal structure it is possible to to update your profile to reflect this. Students or young alumni professionals will then be able to contact you via messaging on LinkHall. Please update your profile on LinkHall in full which will enable the system to find  to say you are willing to offer careers advice.  This means students are able to contact alumni who have signed up to LinkHall with any questions using private messaging.

If you have any feedback about the scheme do get in touch.

* Mentors should be available to be consulted should a mentee need advice. We ask that a mentor is prepared to have at least one 20 minute conversation, or two 10 minute conversations, with the mentee during the academic year.The mentee makes the initial contact and it is then up to the mentor and the student to agree the nature of the arrangement. Some mentors may feel able to have more regular conversations, to meet their mentee in London and invite them to their place of work. However a mentor should feel free to say no if the time commitment is too great. We advise students to be sympathetic that mentors are likely to have busy schedules and may not be able to respond to questions immediately. We also ask mentors to be aware that students may be new to their field and not have well-defined career plans as yet. As a mentor, an alumnus/a volunteers to take a personal interest in the progress of a mentee. However, mentors are not intended to act as tutors or welfare officers – if a mentor has any concerns about a mentee this should be communicated to the Alumni & Development Team who will then contact their Tutor direct. Mentoring should not be seen as a recruitment tool that avoids the proper channels. Should you wish to terminate the arrangement at any time then please contact us.

Responsibility of a Mentor +-

The primary aim of the mentoring scheme is to provide students with an insight into the operation of your industry or area of expertise. It is not just to help them obtain a job, nor is it to provide data for dissertations!

A valuable contribution will be to help students understand which areas of your industry they may want to specialise in and, therefore, what type of company may suit them and what additional professional qualifications or knowledge would enhance their career prospects.

Students may also benefit from assistance with research topics and data provision. The mentor should not direct the student to a particular topic, but can provide guidance on current areas of interest in the industry or suggest avenues whereby the student might obtain relevant information – this might be data sources, contacts for interviews and similar assistance.

Your mentee should contact you in the first instance to arrange a meeting: it is not your responsibility to make that first contact. However, it would be helpful if you could respond to enquiries promptly and establish a formal meeting. It is expected that mentors and mentees meet at least once in the Michaelmas term and twice in the Lent term; however a greater frequency of meetings is encouraged where appropriate. In general, face-to-face contacts are preferred to telephone or email contacts.

If a mentor is unable to meet the student or the student’s areas of interest are not within the expertise of the mentor, the mentor may suggest an alternative alumni mentor within or outside their own organisation. It would be helpful if the mentor could assist with the introduction and ask the individual to sign up to LinkHall.

Responsibility of the Mentee +-

It is the mentee’s responsibility to make contact with the mentor and to set up meetings. You should aim, where possible, to contact your mentor for an initial  conversation and to agree the level of contact.

Before calling, take time to identify your goals from the mentoring process and the meeting. What do you wish to achieve? How might this be delivered? Undertake some research on the organisation for which your mentor works and, if possible, about the specialism of your mentor.

Respect your mentor’s time: they are busy and you will need to be flexible in arranging a meeting.

Respond promptly to communications and remember to thank the mentor and provide feedback following meetings: a brief summary of the key points of the meeting and (if agreed) the date of the next meeting with an outline agenda.

Remember that it is not your mentor’s responsibility to find you a job. They may well be able to give you valuable advice and contacts, but that is not the primary aim of the mentoring scheme.

Remember that it is not your mentor’s responsibility to identify a research project for your dissertation, nor to provide you with data. However, they may well be able to guide you as to topics of interest, provide valuable feedback on your proposed research or suggest contacts who may help with data requests.

Withdrawal or Changing Mentor +-

If a mentor feels that they are unable to offer mentoring to a particular student during the year, they may end the relationship on LinkHall. It would be helpful if they would inform the Alumni & Development Team of their decision and the reasons for it. If possible, it would be helpful if the mentor could suggest an alternative mentor.

If a mentee wishes to withdraw from the mentoring scheme or to request a different mentor, they must first discuss this with the the Alumni & Development Team.

Any more questions? +-

Please contact the team via


How do I sign up to LinkHall? +-
  • Login to LinkHall (if you have never registered before click one of the register links on the sliding images)
  • Visit your profile and update it in full
  • Update your current business details; you can select what information you are willing to make public to those searching the directory and what you would prefer to remain private.
  • If you would like to post a job or internship, please visit the ‘Opportunities’ section
  • Students and young alumni professionals are able to search the ‘Advice & Mentoring’ section by industry and subject and contact other Trinity Hall members via a private message.  You can limit the contact information that is visible to other users on your profile
How do I search the Careers Network? +-
  • Log in to LinkHall and visit the Advice & Mentoring or Opportunities sections
  • Search by industry, matriculation year or subject studied while at Trinity Hall
  • Clicking the message icon at the top-right of the page or from within an individuals profile will enable you to send a private message to the individual.
How do I offer informal careers advice to students or young alumni professionals? +-

Please visit your profile and update your profile to indicate that you are willing to offer informal careers advice. You will then be contactable via messaging should a student get in touch.

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