Trinity Hall Virtual Tour

Explore our videos below, which include an introduction to Trinity Hall from our Director of Admissions and a chance to explore our main accommodation sites: Central Site, Wychfield and Thompson’s Lane (WYNG Gardens and BBC).

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If you missed our live Q+A session during the July Cambridge Open Days, have a look at the presentation given by our Director of Admissions, which gives an overview of Trinity Hall and answers some frequently asked admissions questions.

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Introduction to Trinity Hall by Dr Marcus Tomalin, Director of Admissions

Watch this video to see Dr Marcus Tomalin give a broad brush overview of Trinity Hall, including an overview of our accommodation and facilities.

A Walk Around Trinity Hall Central Site

Join us on a short walk around our Central Site, to see some of our facilities, including the Library, Dining Hall and Chapel, as well as the beautiful garden.

Central Site is our main College site and includes around 134 single rooms for undergraduates, with shared bathroom facilities and basic kitchens containing a microwave oven and fridge. It is right in the heart of the city centre with easy access to the University Faculties. The College Cafeteria, Coffee Shop, Bar, Library, Chapel and main Music Room are also located on Central site.

Room rents for 2020-21 range from £101 to £180.70 per week.


Walking from Central Site to WYNG Gardens

We take a short walk from our Central Site to WYNG Gardens, our newest student accommodation, located on Thompson’s Lane. Each room has ensuite facilities, access to a large shared kitchen and the majority of rooms contain double beds.

Room rents for 2020-21 range from £186 to £207.30 per week.

Cycling from Central Site to Wychfield

Join us on a brisk cycle ride taking less than 10 minutes from our Central Site to Wychfield. It’s a large site on the west side of Cambridge and is the home of our sports facilities, as well as accommodation for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

A Walk through Wychfield

Wychfield has a range of undergraduate and postgraduate accommodation, including some modern, ensuite rooms, all surrounded by beautiful gardens. It is also the site of the College’s excellent sports facilities, including a gym, squash courts, and facilities for football, hockey, rugby, cricket, netball and hard tennis courts.

Room rents vary considerably, but ranges for the different accommodation types within Wychfield can be found on our Accommodation page.

Making Friends at Trinity Hall

Worried about making friends at University? Hear some of our current students talk about their experience when they first arrived at Trinity Hall.


Social Life at Trinity Hall

Listen to some Trinity Hall students talk about what they do in their spare time – including clubs, societies and nights out.

Find out more about the sport and music opportunities at Trinity Hall here.


At Trinity Hall, we provide all undergraduates with accommodation for the duration of their course. Here is a selection of photos taken by first year students. These show typical first year rooms, mostly located on our Central Site. The final picture shows a room in WYNG Gardens, which is on Thompson’s lane, only a short walk from Central Site. If you click on a picture, you’ll see the caption giving information on the price of the room per week for academic year 2020/2021. Note that students only pay for the room for the weeks they are in Cambridge, typically between 30 and 39 weeks of the year.

To find out more, please visit our Accommodation page.

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