Tuition Fees

Your ‘tuition fees’ fund the teaching, assessments and support services that together form your undergraduate degree.

Your tuition fees differ according to whether you are classed as a Home or Overseas student. This ‘fee status’ is determined by your nationality and country of ordinary residence three years preceding the beginning of the University course.

If you are unsure of your fees status, see the UKCISA website for further details.

Home (UK) Students

University Tuition Fees

At Cambridge, the 2021-22 tuition fee for Home students starting their first undergraduate degree will be £9,250p/a. The government regulated tuition fee for 2022-23 hasn’t been set.

College Tuition Fees

College tuition fees for Home students are usually paid by the government, unless you are applying for a second degree. Affiliated students are required to pay the College Fee (this will be £9,900 in 2021).

EU Students

Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, EU, other EEA and Swiss nationals will no longer be eligible for home fee status financial support from Student Finance England. These students will therefore pay tuition fees at the overseas rate.

This will not affect those EU, other EEA and Swiss nationals benefitting from Citizens’ Rights under the EU Withdrawal Agreement, EEA EFTA Separation Agreement or Swiss Citizens’ Rights Agreement. It will also not apply to Irish nationals living in the UK and Ireland.

Overseas Students

University Tuition Fees

International students will pay tuition fees at the overseas rate. For the latest information on University Tuition Fees for Overseas students, please see the International Fees and Costs section of the University website.

College Tuition Fees

Overseas students are also required to pay a College Fee (this will be £9,900 in 2021).

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