A Law degree offers a rich and diverse path to understanding systems and relationships that govern the world around you.

The benefits of a three-year Law degree, over a one-year conversion course, are numerous. You will necessarily have an extended opportunity to develop the skills and understanding that any good lawyer needs. To this end, you will analyse a wide range of seminal legal cases in detail; you will wrestle with the intricate provisions of legislation; and you will grapple with the profound theoretical questions raised by each. Nevertheless, your concerns will not be exclusively or narrowly ‘legal’. A good university Law degree will afford you with a critical understanding of legal doctrine, and will expose you to complex and challenging questions relating to fields that span the full breadth of the social sciences. The law, and therefore any good Law student, must unavoidably address the fundamental political, economic, social and moral issues of our time.

Of equal importance, a Law degree provides you with an exceptional opportunity to develop a range of vital academic and practical skills of much wider value. You will learn to think critically and rigorously. You will learn how to express your views effectively both in writing and in oral discussion: clearly, precisely, concisely. You will learn how to persuade others of your point of view. You will develop a sharp analytical mindset which enables you sift large amounts of material in a short space of time.

A Law degree is challenging, but it is also rewarding. In addition, whilst a Law degree provides an excellent foundation for a career in legal practice, many Law students go on to a wide range of exciting careers outside of the law. Employers in all sectors value the skills that good Law graduates bring to the table.