Advice for Teachers

We are really keen to engage with teachers and to help them advise their students about applying to Cambridge. Bringing a group of students to visit Cambridge can be a great way to raise aspirations. As well as hosting Open Days, colleges are able to arrange bespoke visits for school groups. Simply contact a College to find out more.

A word from the Director of Admissions

‘Teachers are a crucial source of support for the majority of people who are thinking of applying to Cambridge. By offering regular advice and guidance, they help their students cope with the various stages of the Admissions process. Whether it is by simply making sure that crucial deadlines are not missed, or by helping applicants prepare for the Admissions assessments, teachers are usually involved in various ways, encouraging and inspiring successive generations of students. At Trinity Hall, we are acutely aware of the important role that teachers play in this process, and therefore we are always keen to work closely with them to make sure they are as well informed as possible about all aspects of Admissions at Cambridge.’

– Dr Marcus Tomalin, Trinity Hall’s Director of Admissions

Watch this video to see Dr Marcus Tomalin give a broad brush overview of Trinity Hall, including an overview of our accommodation and facilities.



To begin with, have a look at the How to Apply section on this website, which includes advice on preparing Personal Statements, School Essays and Admissions Assessments, and an introduction to Interviews.

If you are advising a student who has had any difficulties with health or education, you may like to read about how you can let the College know about any extenuating circumstances that may have affected their exam grades.

The University undergraduate admissions website has a brilliant section specifically for teachers and parents. The Advice for teachers and HE advisors booklet contains lots of really useful information about the University and the application process, including guidance on how to write a UCAS reference.

Interviews are an important part of the Cambridge admissions process. The Interviews section of the University website includes some short videos about this aspect of the application.

College and University Admissions staff are also happy to visit schools to talk to students about applying to university. Through the University’s Area Links Scheme, each college is linked with a particular part of the UK to enable relationships to be built between schools and the University.

If you would like any further information, please feel free to email Trinity Hall’s Schools Liaison Officer.

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