Student Profiles – Harshvir, Medicine

Harshvir is a fourth-year clinical Medicine student from London. At A Level, he studied Biology, Chemistry, and Maths.

Wychfield by David Valinsky

Why did you choose Trinity Hall?
It is a small, close-knit community in a central location – the two criteria that were most important to me.

How did you prepare for the application process and interviews? Was it what you expected?
Doing practice questions – the interviews were what I expected!

Why did you choose your course?
It provides a good combination of science and clinical work. There’s a lot of theory but clinical school is a lot more practical with its approach; my favourite part is the patient interaction while on placement.

How are you taught?
On weekdays, I have my clinical placement 9am-4pm, 1 hour a week of supervision, and 8 hours per week of independent work. I manage all this work by using a timetable, so I have time to do things I enjoy like hanging out with friends – and May balls in the Easter term!