Student Profiles – Sam, Land Economy

Sam is a first-year Land Economy student from Surrey. At A Level, he studied Maths, Further Maths, Economics, and Physics.

Why did you choose Trinity Hall?
Its friendly atmosphere and central location.

How did you prepare for the application process and interviews? Was it what you expected?
Rereading and applying my personal statement to potential interview questions was the most important preparation. I also read a lot of current news, and tried to incorporate what I read into more broad questions that could be asked. The interview was close to what I expected, but I was surprised at how the interviewers were not looking for a perfect answer but instead looking at my thought processes when trying to arrive at an answer.

Why did you choose your course?
It mixes law and economics, two subjects I have a lot of interest in. Now I’m at Cambridge, I’ve found that the law side of the course is challenging but very interesting, as it covers current topics ongoing in the political sphere.

How are you taught?
There are five two-hour lectures a week, and 2 supervisions a week (roughly an hour long each). Independent study takes up the same amount of time as lectures and supervisions do, so in total around 24 hours of studying a week.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
I play lots of sport, which combats the long hours of sitting around. I also enjoy seeing mates and enjoying a good night out. I’m looking forward to the June Event and other May Balls on offer at Cambridge in the summer term.