Student Profiles – Jessica, Architecture

Jessica is a first-year Architecture student from Essex. At A Level, she studied Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and Art.

Why did you choose Trinity Hall?
It is in the middle of the city but down a side street, so it has the perfect mix of busy and quiet. It has old architecture without being too uptight, and all the people I met seemed so lovely and open – it was an environment I felt I fit with!

How did you prepare for the application process and interviews? Was it what you expected?
My sixth form allowed us to have prep interviews, which helped with how I articulated my points. I also visited lots of art exhibitions and architecture to draw to prepare for the drawing exam, plus lots of essay prep as it was the first essay I had written in a few years!

Why did you choose your course?
I enjoy both art and maths, so I liked that Architecture encompassed both. It also allows me to visit anywhere and be inspired by everything.

How does your course compare to your expectations?
It is a lot more history based than I thought, but I really love that element of my course. The art elements are my favourite parts, because I’m always inspired by new projects and prompts. Second year allows us to choose our papers, so I’m looking forward to that!

How are you taught?
Each week during term, I have two studio days (all day drawing and design), five lectures (two history and theory, two structural and one environments) and one hour-long supervision. I average around another four hours a day after classes.

How do you manage your workload?
I make sure to take lots of breaks! When I can’t work on an essay, I will draw for a while, and I also like to minimise the amount of work I do after dinner. Instead, I use my evenings to talk to friends and go out exploring the city; it’s so pretty and inspires my work a lot. On top of that, I do gymnastics twice a week.