Psychological and Behavioural Sciences

  • UCAS Code: C800 BA/PBS
  • Campus Code: 4
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Places per year: 1-3

Psychological and Behavioural Sciences is a unique degree course. It combines core papers in Psychology with the opportunity to study an enormous range of other approaches to understanding the human mind, brain, and behaviour.

In the first two years, students spend just over half of their time covering core topics in psychology, including neuroscience, cognitive science, social and developmental psychology, and research methods; the other half of their papers are selected from a very wide range of courses from across the university, including neurobiology, philosophy, politics, biological and social anthropology and sociology. In their final year, students choose three advanced papers that fit their specialized interests, and complete an original piece of research, again on a topic of their choosing. They emerge with a deep understanding of human behaviour, and with an impressive portfolio of intellectual and technical skills.

Psychological & Behavioural Sciences

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Course Overview

In the first year (Part IA), you take a total of four papers, three of which are compulsory:

  • Introduction to Experimental Psychology
  • Social Psychology, Applied Psychology and Individual Differences
  • From Subjective Questions to Objective Science

The remaining paper is chosen from a selection of around nine options. The optional papers available each year may vary but subjects usually include:

  • biological and social anthropology
  • evolution and behaviour
  • politics
  • philosophy
  • sociology
  • mathematical biology

How You Learn

Teaching is provided through lectures, classes or seminars, and small-group supervisions. Some papers include a practical element, which takes place in laboratories.

You can typically expect 2 lectures a week for each paper. You also have one or two supervisions each week to discuss your work and develop your reasoning and ideas.

Assessment is through a range of laboratory reports, short answer and essay based written examinations and oral examinations.

Entry Requirements

Minimum Offer Level

A-Level: A*A*A

IB Diploma: 41-42 points, with 776 at Higher Level

Other: See the University’s Entry Requirements page

Subject Requirements

You will need A levels/IB Higher Levels (or the equivalent) in:

  • Mathematics OR Biology

Colleges will usually require you to achieve A*/7 in Mathematics and/or Biology.

Admissions Process

Written Work

None required.

Admissions Assessment

We do not require a written assessment for this subject.


Two interviews of around 25 minutes each. Knowledge of Psychology A-level material is not a prerequisite for performing well in admissions interviews.

Last updated: April 2024 for 2025 entry