How to Apply

Applications for most postgraduate degrees are made via the University’s Postgraduate Admissions website.

Exceptions are for the PGCEMBA and Executive MBA degrees, which are dealt with by the Faculty of Education and the Judge Business School respectively.

Once you have been offered a place by your department or faculty, your application will be passed to the colleges in the order you specified on the College preference section. For your application to be considered by us, you must place Trinity Hall as one of your preferred Colleges in this section.

We generally admit 80 – 90 postgraduates each academic year. You will be notified if we have offered you a place on CamSIS in the first instance. We will email you shortly afterwards with further information.

Selection is purely on academic merit, but it would be useful if you could disclose any disability or medical condition so that any reasonable adjustments can be planned in advance.

Fees and Costs

If you are offered a place in Trinity Hall, you will need to obtain sufficient funding to cover both your living expenses and the University Composition Fee for your course, which includes a University fee and a College fee.

The University Composition Fee is collected by the College, along with any living costs incurred in College (rental of College accommodation, food taken in College).

If you receive an offer, the College will make clear to you how these payments are to be made and by what deadlines.

Visas and Immigration

We welcome applications from international students. The postgraduate community in Trinity Hall is very diverse, drawing its members from all over the world. About half of the postgraduate community are international students.

If you are a national of a country outside of the EEA and Switzerland, you may require a visa to study at Cambridge. Typically this is a Tier 4 (adult student) visa.

For more information on eligibility, applying for visas and immigration, please see the Immigration section of the University website.

Honorary Members of the MCR

This scheme is open to visiting PhD students, who will typically also have some affiliation with a Cambridge faculty. Honorary membership is usually for one or two terms only. The College admits a maximum of five honorary members each year. For further information please contact Clare Kerr, Postgraduate Administrator.

Applications for honorary membership of the MCR may be made at any time of year, and must include a covering letter, CV and two references, sent FAO Clare Kerr, Postgraduate Administrator, The Tutorial Office, Trinity Hall, Cambridge CB2 1TJ.

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