Why Trinity Hall?

As soon as you spend any time in Trinity Hall you’ll notice the friendly atmosphere that exists here. Undergraduates, postgraduates, fellows and staff alike all enjoy the vibrant community spirit present within the College.

Social Life

Dinner with Friends

The College Cafeteria provides a focal point for socialising and is a great place to catch up with friends after a busy day in the lab/library. If you want a chance to make the most of your gown and dine in style, Formal Hall is served every Thursday and Sunday during Full Term.

The most superlative of all College dining is the fortnightly Superhall, which takes place on a Friday evening. The food at these dinners is usually themed, and sometimes attendees wear fancy-dress!

College ‘Ents’

Within College, formal social events are organised by the student committees – the JCR (undergraduates) and the MCR (postgraduates). Events include regular dinners, themed parties or ‘bops’, pub quizzes, nights out and the annual ‘June Event’, when the College is transformed into a maze of bands, DJs, food, drink and festivity, as a mystery theme takes over Trinity Hall for one night only.

Frequented by undergraduates and postgraduates alike, the College Bar is the go-to place after any big College event, and also doubles as the venue for the JCR’s ‘Viva!’.

Clubs and Societies

The College plays host to a range of societies, both recreational and academic. With everything from politics to sports, drama to music, there’s bound to be something for everyone to enjoy at Trinity Hall. And any student who finds that the College lacks a particular society or club is free to create one! With several large rooms around the College, there are plenty of places to host events. As well as College societies, there are around 400 University societies to choose from.

Making Friends at Trinity Hall

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Social Life at Trinity Hall

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