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Trinity Hall
20 May 2020

Apart from the general anxiety that came with the sudden and rapid change in the operations of the University as a result of the pandemic, mine was worsened for two reasons. Firstly, I am visually impaired and the lockdown meant that I was going to lose the assistance I get from friends on daily basis. Secondly, I am an international student and I have no relative in the UK and that aggravated my worry.

I must say that Trinity Hall did not compromise their duty of care to me at all. The porters check on me regularly to ensure I am not in need of anything. The College nurse is in constant communication with me and that alone makes me feel the sense of belonging. My graduate tutor and the tutorial team have arranged with some friends of mine in Cambridge to still assist me with groceries. On top of that, I am being encouraged to apply for the College’s student support funds anytime I deem it necessary. These and many more factors have allayed my fears and anxiety. I am fully focused on my dissertation. In a nut shell, the College has simply averted what I thought was unavoidable damage.

Gerald, postgraduate student