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Dr Pedro Ramos Pinto

MA MPhil PhD

Fellow type
Staff Fellow

Staff Fellow in History; University Associate Professor of International Economic History


Originally from Portugal, Pedro came to Trinity Hall in 2013, after five years at the University of Manchester. He is an historian of 20th-century Europe, particularly Southern Europe with interests in the histories of inequality, welfare and social movements. His first book, Lisbon Rising (2013) examined the emergence and role of social movements of the urban poor during Portugal’s Carnation Revolution (1974-1976).

Since then he has worked on a variety of topics, including histories of Universal Basic Income, of how inequalities have been measured in the past, as well as on authoritarian welfare regimes in Southern Europe and Latin America.

At Cambridge Pedro teaches in a range of courses, including The Twentieth Century World, Europe’s Age of Violence, and is starting a new final year course exploring the cultures, debates and politics of work in post-war Europe.

Watch a lecture by Pedro on the history of the politics of housing in Portugal, delivered in Oporto in September 2023.

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