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Written by:
Kathryn Martin-Chambers
12 Nov 2020

The revised policy also prohibits direct investments in certain other industries whose activities are deemed to be at odds with the College’s fulfilment of its charitable mission.

The College will seek to work with those managers with whom it invests in pooled funds so as to substantially reduce its indirect holdings in those sectors over the next five years. It will conduct this work both individually and in co-operation with other investors.

Professor Simon Guest, Chair of the Finance Committee (Investments) commented:

“Trinity Hall has been very successful with its investment policy over recent decades, but we have not been explicit about our underlying investment philosophy.  I am very grateful that our new Bursar, Tim Harvey-Samuel, has taken the opportunity to revise and communicate our strategy. At a time when environmental and social matters are becoming increasingly important in investment decisions, I’m pleased that we have taken a clear position on fossil fuel extraction.”