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Written by:
Kathryn Martin-Chambers
04 Mar 2021

Two dedicated staff members have retired from service after spending more than 50 years working at Trinity Hall. Housekeeping Services Manager Yvonne Chapman completed her service last week, alongside Allan Flavell who worked at the College as Kitchen Admin Manager.

Yvonne began working at the College in the 1980s and Allan spent 24 years at the College, during which time he served the Queen, as well as thousands of students, staff and Fellows.

Glen Sharp, Junior Bursar at Trinity Hall, said of Yvonne: “I wish Yvonne the happiest of retirements. It has been a pleasure working with Yvonne for the last 13 years, which is less than half of Yvonne’s service to the College of 34 and half years.

“She will be missed by all in College for her calm and measured approach to her team and planning the College’s requirements.”

Noting Allan’s two decades of service Glen added: “After 24 years of service, the kitchen office is never going to be the same.

“Allan’s dedication to the College and his involvement in the highest level of catering that the College provides will be sorely missed. I wish him the best of retirements.”

He added: “I look forward to inviting Yvonne and Allan back in College when restrictions allow to celebrate their dedication to Trinity Hall.”

Yvonne said her job was one of the most varied and exciting in the College: “There are so many best things about Trinity Hall, the wonderful environment is an obvious one, the diversity of the staff, the feeling of belonging to something really amazing, the total support that everyone has for one another, so many things.

“As head of housekeeping I think I have been immensely privileged. The staff that have worked with me in the department over the years have been wonderful and I have made some long-lasting friends.

“The satisfaction we all feel when we see the College sparkling ready for events is really rewarding and makes us really proud. The appreciation we receive from many of our students and guests is also very rewarding, especially from the students who appreciate what we do to make their home in Cambridge as comfortable as we can. Love that. It is so important.”

Allan said he loved the people, traditions and history of Trinity Hall and had many memories to look back on. He said he’d seen many changes over the years: “Work and the food provided is unrecognisable compared with when I started. With the food it’s not only the quality that has improved but also the variety and, in the case of dinners, the way it’s served.”

He added it had been a privilege to serve the Queen when she visited as part of the College’s 650th anniversary.

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