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Written by:
Paul Holland
10 Mar 2023

We had five boats in this year’s Lent Bumps. Three men’s (M1, M2 and M3) and two women’s (W1 and W2). The results are as follows:

This year’s Lent Bumps were very successful for Trinity Hall despite the adverse weather conditions (and flooding) leading to some divisions being cancelled.

The women’s second crew bumped up twice while both men’s and women’s first crews ended the week one up, despite snow and rain making racing a challenge.

As the captains said: “This was a very successful Lents for THBC, the club seeing no crews bumped down over the week. Though the weather caused a stranger end to the term than we might have hoped for, everyone should be very proud of their performances. On to the Mays!”

Overall results of the week are as follows:
W1 (+1)
M1 (+1)
W2 (+2)
M2 (+1)
M3 (+0)