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Written by:
Paul Holland
09 Mar 2022

After a week of rowing victories Trinity Hall’s Head Rowing Coach and the Boat Club Captain, reflect on the Lent Bumps, 2022.

Isobel Nichol, a history undergraduate and Captain of Trinity Hall Boat Club (THBC), told us:

“Lent Bumps 2022 has been an immensely successful campaign for the Club with a set of blades on each side.

“W3 is the first Women’s Third Boat in THBC history to receive Lent Blades, and M2 did an equally impressive job.

“A huge well done to both crews, and to the further three crews that continued the success of the Club in one of the best Bumps campaigns for many years. Row Hall!”

Paul Townshend, Head Rowing Coach and Boat House manager said:

“After a two-year hiatus, the Lent Bumps returned to Cambridge last week and what a week it was for THBC.

“We entered a total of seven boats and after the Getting On Race THBC managed to have five boats racing for the week (three in the men’s divisions and two in the women’s) . The M3 boat were unfortunate to be the fastest non-qualifier once again and M4 raced a strong race beating many second and third boats from other Colleges while sadly missing out on the opportunity to race the Bumps this time. Rest assured, these boats will continue training and will be doing everything possible to race in The Mays next term!

“Given the disruption following the past two years, THBC fielded a fleet of crews that had little or no previous experience of Bumps racing including no coxes that had raced a Bumps race. Suffice to say our rowers and our coxes rose to the challenge and represented THBC with great pride, determination and skill.”

The headlines…

  • M2 win blades (win all their 4 races for the week) in a dominant week and barely had to row past Grassy Corner all week.
  • W3 win blades which for a crew entirely made up of last term’s novices is an incredible achievement. This crew made strong bumps all week and were not threatened at any point. A great start for a number of THBC rowing careers!
  • THBC is the only College to win two sets of blades
  • W1 go up three places bumping on all the first three days and getting to under one length away from Lady Margaret narrowly missing out on another set of blades. Only 3 members of this crew had experienced any Bumps racing previously
  • M1 raced incredibly well all week including a dominant bump before First Post corner against Robinson and almost catching Downing and Jesus on two occasions before the opposition managed to bump ahead. Lots learned and huge experience gained for The Mays.
  • W2 win the award for the most metres covered over the week having had three very strong row-overs on the first three days before Newnham finally caught them on the final day. This should not detract from a great week for this crew which like all the crews will have gained invaluable Bumps experience for the future.

“All in all it was a wonderful week and I was so incredibly proud of how all of our crews and coaches approached the event. All THBC boats raced well, and raced hard while at the same time showing the greatest respect for their opponents (as well as maintaining an infectious sense of fun at all times). The Boat Club Dinner on Saturday evening was a fitting conclusion to a wonderful week.

“As always, I would like to thank our students for their commitment and adaptability to what has remained a rather testing period. The way they have maintained their enthusiasm has been a testament to their determination and will stand them and THBC in good stead for the future. Thanks also must go to all of our amazing coaches who give up time in their very busy lives in order to give something back to the club that clearly gave them so much. We have both Alumni coaches and student coaches that really have helped make the difference for so many of our rowers. And finally, I would like to thank and pay tribute to the efforts that go on behind the scenes from College, the THBC Advisory Group and also from our Alumni community – thank you for your continued support and for allowing us to do what we do!

“All that remains is to say well done all, thank you and bring on The Mays! Row Hall!”

For a “comprehensive” overview of the bumps and the rules watch this “helpful” video.