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Trinity Hall
07 Feb 2018

1. Description by M. R. James

Haenel 35-49.

Paper, 123/4 x 8, ff. 104.

Cent. xviii, neatly written by Beauprè Bell whose motto Aristeuein is at each end.

Contains the book-plate of Andrew Coltee Ducarel, LL.D., Doctors’ Commons, also:

W. Hayley to J. Johnson 1803.

A note:

‘This learned Treatise was compos’d several years ago by ye learned Francis Dickens, LL.D., professor of ye Civil Law at Cambridge and ys copy was (wth ye authors leave) taken from yt : wch he gave to Beauprè Bell Esq. of Beauprè Hall in Norfolk a. d. 1740. Mr Beauprè Bell’s Copy is now in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge : to whom he left all his Books and MSS. by will.—I saw it there in 1750.’

It is a series of tracts in Latin on Marriage and Divorce.

Arms on the cover : Party per pale, dexter, 3 crescents or two and one, sinister ermine, on a fess three escallops. Crest, two wings on a coronet.

© N.J.R. James

2. Supplementary Description

Author: Francis Dickens (d. 1755)
Language: Latin
Origin: England, ?Norfolk
Date: 18th c., ca. 1740 – 1750
Material: Paper. Three watermarks; GR, crowned (this watermark also occurs in Trinity Hall MS 45.2); Britannia, with wheat sheaf, within palisade, motto PRO P[ATRIA] [. . . .] to right (ca. 90 x 95 mm; this watermark occurs in other Trinity Hall MSS and in Cambridge, Trinity College, MS B.16.45); crowned lion with wheat sheaf and taper within crowned circle, motto PRO PATRIA EIUSQUE UBE[. . . .] E (ca. 95 x 80 mm; this watermark also occurs in Trinity Hall MSS 45.1-3. 46.3)
Physical Description: 108 folios (foliated i – iii, 1 – 104, iv), 321 x 205 (290 x 180) mm, 46 – 47 long lines, ruled in plummet, running headers, leaf signatures (each leaf)
Rubric: De Divortiis
Incipit: Dig. 24, T. 2 de Divortiis et Repudiis
2o folio: sententia 6 factum
Explicit: contractae recte dissolvuntur. ARISTEUEIN.
Contents: Fol. ii recto, Contents list; fols. 1r – 104r, Tracts on Marriage and Divorce
Script: Semi-formal mixed hand
Decoration: None
Provenance: ‘This learned treatise was composed several years ago by ye learned Francis Dickens L.L.D., professor of ye civil law at Cambridge, & ys copy was (with ye authors leave) taken from yt; which he gave to Beauprè Bell esq. of Beauprè Hall in Norfolk – A.D. [Andrew Du Carel?] 1740.’ (Different hand) ‘Mr Beauprè Bell’s copy is now in the Library of Trinity College Cambridge; to whom he left all his books and MSS by will – I saw it there in 1750.’ (note attached to fol. i recto); bookplate of Andrew Coltee Du Carel L.L.D. (ca. 1713 – 1785) of Doctor’s Commons inside upper cover; Michal Woodhull (Wodhall) (1740 – 1816) arms on cover; ‘Sept. 24th 1793’ (fol. iv recto); ‘W. Hayley to J. Johnson, 1803’ (fol. i recto; William Hayley (1745 – 1820) at Trinity Hall 1762 – 1766); Haenel nos.35-49
Binding: 18th c., brown leather over paste boards, gold-tooled centre (shield of arms; Michael Woodhull (Wodhall) (party per pale, dexter three crescents, sinister ermine, on a fess three escallops) and crest (two wings on a coronet)) and edge design, cream endbands, edges speckled red
Notes: In Trinity Hall by 1830 (Haenel 35 -49). MS written on rectos only. Bell’s autograph copy of text now Cambridge, Trinity College MS B.16.45; the same watermark (Britannia, with wheat sheaf, within palisade, motto PRO P[ATRIA] [. . . .] to right) found in the Trinity College MS.
Bibliography: M. R. James, Catalogue of Manuscripts in Trinity Hall (Cambridge, 1907), 46

© Trinity Hall, Cambridge