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07 Feb 2018
(old shelfmark **A.46.2) 
Author:Francis Dickens (d. 1755)
Language:English, with Latin
Origin:England, Cambridge
Date:18th c., ca. 1705 -1755
Material:Paper. Watermark: Britannia, with wheat sheaf, within palisade, motto PRO P[ATRIA] [. . . .] to right (ca. 90 x 95 mm; this watermark occurs in other Trinity Hall MSS and in Cambridge, Trinity College, MS B.16.45)
Physical Description:i original flyleaf + 342 pages, 200 x 160 (unruled; ca. 190 x 135) mm, ca. 25  long lines
Rubric:Of Dominion, or Property, vol. 2
Incipit:Sir Robert Filmer, to prove the absolute power of princes
2o folio:The whole committed
Explicit:(p. 323) as also from another law, Dig. 43 F.19 L189
Contents:pp. 1 – 323, Tracts ‘Of Dominion, or Property’
Script:Cursive mixed hand
Scribe:Francis Dickens
Provenance:Francis Dickens, (Fellow 1705 – d. 1755); his gift (‘I do desire yt ye few manuscripts books I shall leave behind me on the nature of dominion & the methods of acquiring it, as likewise those on marriage and guardianship may find a place in some remote corner of ye College Library never to be taken out thence on any account whatever. F. D.’, inscription, inside upper cover)
Binding:18th c., parchment over pasteboards, edges speckled red
Notes:Almost all text on rectos only. Dickens’s pagination (on rectos only) in error from p. 151, which he numbers as p. 261 although there is no obvious loss of text and the error occurs in the middle of a quire. Another hand has provided the correct pagination from p. 151. Contents list in same late 18th / 19th cent. hand found in MS 45.3 is kept with this MS.
Bibliography:C. Crawley, Trinity Hall : the history of a Cambridge college, 1350-1992. 2nd ed., expanded by G. Storey. (Cambridge, 1992), 124
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