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07 Feb 2018
(old shelfmark **A.80)
Author:George Edward Larman (1895 – 1961)
Origin:England, ? York
Date:20th c., 1945
Material:Paper (factory made)
Physical Description:91 folios (foliated (by cataloguer) i – iv, 1 – 98), 240 x 188 (175 – 190 x 125 – 130), ruled in pencil and pink ink, (left side only) average of 6 shields with descriptions per page
Incipit:Abberbury in of Oxfordshire
2o folio:Amys. Argent, on
Explicit:(fol. 84r) The arms of Grey the Lord Marquis of Dorset taken from the Harlian publication on the Visitations of the county of Warwickshire
Contents:Fols. 1r – 83r, Alphabetical record of the arms of English families (incomplete; A – S); fols. 83v – 84v, Arms of nobles (incomplete)
Script:Cursive (pseudo-Secretary)
Scribe:George Edward Larman (1895 – 1961)
Artist:George Edward Larman (1895 – 1961)
Decoration:2 large painted shields of arms, one with a crest, fols. 83v, 84r; 913 small painted shields of arms (fols. 1r – 83r)
Provenance:George Edward Larman (1895 – 1961); his bequest, 1961
Binding:19th / 20th c., brown leather over paste boards, blind-tooled edge design, red and gold endbands (probably made as a blank notebook)
Notes:‘The coats herein emblazoned have all been taken from works of authority or from my own observation of tombs and monuments in various churches. Unfortunately my original book was partially destroyed so that I have not in many cases in this book been able to quote the authorities as I should have wished to have done. During the war of xxxix – lxv this book was in the keeping of my friend Quinten Little of Penwrith (sic). I completed the work the nineteenth day of August one thousand nine hundred and forty five. G. E. Larman. It containeth nine hundred and thirteen coats at this time’ (note in Larman’s hand, fol. iii recto). Larman occasionally makes corrections or additions to the descriptions accompanying the shields of arms. Shield drawn in pencil with blank quartering but no blazoning or description, fol. 84v.
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