Information for Supervisors

Thank you for supervising Trinity Hall students; the College is very grateful to all supervisors for their efforts in this crucial aspect of Cambridge teaching and learning. Supervisions are a key part of enabling undergraduates to realise their full academic potential.

Payment and deadlines

In order to receive payment for supervisions, supervisors should submit reports via CamCORS. Reports are processed for payment four times per year in December, March, June and September.

If reports are not submitted and/or approved by these deadlines, supervisors will not receive payment until the following term (e.g. reports that miss the December deadline will be processed in March).

Current payment rates can be found in CamCORS.

Deadlines for the 2023-24 academic year

TermReports to be submitted byDeadline for reports to be approved by DoSPayment to supervisors on College payrollPayment to external supervisors (direct payment)
MichaelmasThursday 7 December 2023 at MiddayMonday 11 December 2023 at MiddayDecember payroll15 December 2023
LentThursday 21 March 2024 at MiddayMonday 25 March 2024 at MiddayApril payrollBy 5 April 2024
EasterThursday 20 June 2024 at MiddayMonday 24 June 2024 at MiddayJuly payrollBy 5 July 2024
Long vacationThursday 29 August 2024 at MiddayMonday 2 September 2024 at MiddaySeptember payrollBy 13 September 2024

Supervisors with a Student Visa

Postgraduate students who have a Student Visa are not permitted to work on a self-employed basis, so need to have a worker’s agreement in place with their own College before undertaking supervision work. Trinity Hall students in this position should contact the College’s HR Department, who will be able to arrange a worker’s agreement and carry out the necessary right-to-work checks.

Booking supervision rooms

A number of supervision rooms are available to book in Trinity Hall for supervisions involving our students. Please contact the Tutorial Office to arrange access to the College’s room booking system. Access to this system is updated at the start of each academic year.

College policies

Details of College policies, including safeguarding, fitness to study, discipline and other matters, can be found on the College website, as can information about PREVENT.

Academic, pastoral and welfare concerns

If a supervisor has concerns about a student, they should alert the College as soon as possible. The key contacts in Trinity Hall are as follows:

  • For academic concerns: the student’s Director of Studies
  • For pastoral or wellbeing concerns: the student’s Tutor or the Senior Tutor
  • For PREVENT or Safeguarding concerns: the College Lead is the Senior Tutor, Dr Michael Sutherland

Contact information for Directors of Studies and Tutors can be found in the Fellows and Academics Directory.