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25 Jul 2018

I signed off my spring time blog with words to the effect of  “I’m looking forward to complaining that it’s too hot” and sure enough…

We have seen no rain in the gardens since early May and things are looking a little dusty. The gardens team are doing sterling work keeping borders watered and looking their best. The lawns are suffering, but they will recover in the autumn.

View down the Fellows' Garden towards the river. The lawn is green and striped and storm clouds are gathering overhead.

Fellows’ Garden

I am longing to look down the Fellows’ Garden and see a view like this, with perfect emerald striped lawn and the threat of a thunder storm!

However, despite the weather, my firm summer favourite, the Old Library bed (pictured, top), is at its best in July. This border is a burgeoning mass of summer colour; mostly herbaceous perennials with a little bit of summer bedding to fill in the gaps towards the front. Helenium, Achillea, Veronicastrum and Alcea all jostle for a chance to shine. I like to think that they provide a back drop for many a graduation picture and perhaps the odd wedding photo too.

Elsewhere in the garden are shadier spots which are very welcoming at this time of year. North Court is a particularly pleasant place to sit and reflect with a long, cool drink, leafy hostas and lovely white hydrangea ‘Annabelle’ all around. Don’t take my word for it, drop in and try it for yourself!