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Written by:
Trinity Hall
17 Mar 2023

Sleep Apps (by David and the IT Team)

There is conflicting information about whether sleep apps are helpful or unhelpful. However, if you would like to try out an app and see whether it works for you, David and the IT team highlight some sleep and wellbeing apps below.

Both Apple and Android now have native apps for sleep.

Owners of the Apple iPhone may wish to try the following apps:

Owners of Android phones may wish to try the following apps:

Owners of the Apple iPhone or Android phones can access this Android-based Digital Wellbeing app that covers wellbeing more generally, including sleep.

If you would like to read more about sleep and wellbeing apps, the Sleep Foundation (2023) and Healthline (2020) each pull together and rate sleep apps that cover everything from nature sounds to white noise to mediation stories to tracking your sleep.