Trinity Hall Spotlights: Politics

As we enter a new year, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new series Trinity Hall Spotlights: Politics. 2024 looks set to be an extraordinary political year, with a general election in the UK and a presidential election in the US.

Trinity Hall Spotlights: Politics will endeavour to throw some light on what’s ahead.

As a former journalist I know both how frustrating politics can be but also how important - in the end it’s the way we govern ourselves in a democracy. The past few years have felt particularly tumultuous in the UK and the US so I feel it’s a good time to reflect and explore how we could shape a better politics for the future.

— Mary Hockaday, Master

Previous Event

Understanding Putin's Russia

This event was been organised following the arrest of the prominent Russian opposition figure and Trinity Hall alumnus Vladimir Kara-Murza, which has reminded us once again of the nature of the Putin regime. Kara-Murza is merely the latest example of an escalating pattern of repression in Russia as the war in Ukraine continues, and the government seeks to ensure total conformity at home. In this context, Trinity Hall and the Centre for Geopolitics convened this panel discussion with experts and policy-makers to explain how this situation has come about and explore what might lie ahead for Russia and beyond.