Legacies of Enslavement

The College Crest of Trinity Hall

Trinity Hall is committed to fostering an environment of openness, accountability, and intellectual rigor. In March 2023 the College’s Governing Body agreed to launch a Legacies of Enslavement project, which is informed by the broader Legacies of Enslavement project at the University of Cambridge.

The first step in this is the recruitment of a Legacies of Enslavement Research Associate. This is a significant step in the College’s ongoing dedication to examining its historical connections to, and contributing to a broader understanding of, the legacies of slavery.

The primary goal of this research is to shed light on the historical links of the College and its members to the slave trade and institution of slavery. This effort is seen as a crucial step towards a more nuanced understanding of Trinity Hall’s past. The final report, once available, will be intended as the initial phase in an ongoing engagement with Trinity Hall’s history, fostering informed debates on its historical connections with the institution of slavery.