Central Site

Trinity Hall has interesting and varied gardens located on two main sites, one in the heart of the city and the other, Wychfield, a short distance west.

Avery Court

Avery Court has recently been redeveloped and now has the striking, WongAvery Music Gallery at its centre. As the area is largely paved, to allow seating for performances, the borders are more vertical than horizontal with many wall-trained shrubs and climbing plants in shades of blue and yellow.

The planting varies on the four sides of the court, according to the conditions they provide. Ferns and Hellebores are happier in the shade of our boundary with Clare College, whilst Agapanthus and Wisteria prefer the sunnier Chapel wall.

North Court

North Court is the smallest courtyard at Trinity Hall and is located to one side of Front Court. There is a small seating area which is surrounded by verdant planting, with five clipped hornbeams framing the windows of one building, whilst an espalier trained Pyracantha clothes the wall at the shadier end of the court.

Fellows’ Garden

To the side of the Master’s Lodge, a narrow iron gateway leads into the Fellows’ Garden. This is an area of the gardens that has undergone major change and development in recent years following the necessary removal of several large horse chestnut trees (Aesculus hippocastanum) that had unfortunately come to the end of their life. The loss of these trees was seen by the Gardens Department as an opportunity to re-develop and provide a suitable setting for college functions and celebrations. The formal lawn has been increased and mixed borders now extend around the whole garden. These borders contain shrubs, herbaceous plants, roses, trees and bulbs, planted in a contemporary cottage style. The pathway allows guests of the College to navigate around the garden and view the diverse planting which has a relaxed and informal feel.

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