Anniversary Giving


Knowing that we had a whole cohort of Trinity Hall alumni 50 years our senior supporting us through our education was an incredible feeling. From surprise book vouchers in our pigeonholes to sponsorship to study in places as far-flung as Ukraine, Jordan and Nepal, the support from the 58:08 fund was noticed and appreciated by everyone. We’re looking forward to setting up our own 08:58 fund in a few decades’ time!

Madeleine Fresko-Brown (2008)

Students celebrating

Anniversary Giving was an idea pioneered at Trinity Hall by Peter Hill, the year rep for 1958 and was for year groups coming back for their 50th anniversary to donate collectively to support an initiative within College. Other year groups have followed suit and in recent years, we have been able to provide all incoming students at the beginning of the Michaelmas Term with a welcome gift – a book token – from the historic, Heffers Bookshop on Trinity Street. This book token is intended to help with the costs of any texts they might need or any additional reading recommended by their Departments. Any funds raised over and above what is required for this provision has been designated to our Student Support or Access and Outreach Initiatives.

Our students have been extremely grateful for this unexpected gift and they are reminded that those who came before them are on hand to offer them support in this and other ways.


How has Anniversary Giving impacted on the College Community?

We are grateful for the springboard given to us by Trinity Hall and that is why we have made our gift, to say thank you and help you [the class of 2008] in your great leap forward.

Peter Hill (1958)

Please visit our Anniversary Giving Page to find out more about the positive impact your year group could have on our Freshers.


I would like to support the College in this way, what are my next steps?

  1. If you are a Year Rep or a keen individual who would like to lead or assist with Anniversary Giving for your year group, please contact the Alumni Officer, Liz Pentlow, and the Development Officer, James Adamcheski-Halson, in the first instance.
  2. For a more personal approach, and assuming you are willing to take the lead and invite your year group to make a gift, please see the suggested email/letter template below.
  3. Although less preferable, a letter/email could be sent out from the Alumni & Development Office. An example letter can be viewed below.
  4. Next, you will need to decide where you would like any funds raised over an above what is required for the student welcome gift to go to. This could be for Student Support or Access & Outreach however James, the Development Officer, will be able to advise.
  5. We suggest that the amount you ask for is related to what Anniversary you are celebrating e.g. £10 for 10th, £25 for 25th, £50 for 50th or £60 for 60th Anniversaries. Of course individuals may choose to give less or considerably more.
  6. Once you are ready, prepare your email/letter to the year group (or agree text sent out from the Alumni & Development Office).
  7. The Development Officer will then create an online form and a paper booking form for your appeal.
  8. Write a short note to let the students know who has given the gift and what it is intended for. This note will be circulated with the book tokens during Michaelmas Term.

Example Texts

Letter from Year Group

Letter from A & D Office


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