About the Telephone Campaigns


In 2004, the College embarked on an annual programme of regularly telephoning alumni, and the results have had a transformative effect on the lives of many undergraduates and graduates, and on the fabric of the College itself.

A Telethon offers us the opportunity, first and foremost, to keep in touch with you and let you know what’s going on in and around the College. Our student callers relish the opportunity to speak with alumni and both parties continue to enjoy the conversations. Secondly, it offers you a chance to hear about our fundraising projects to benefit the current student body and choose to offer your support. Furthermore, you will also hear about other opportunities available for you to get involved with the College such as offering careers advice to students or acting as a year or regional representative. Although an important part of a campaign, it is not all about fundraising and we hope that you enjoy exchanging experiences with a current student.

We recruit up to 13 current students who we pay for their time, cover their accommodation costs and feed very well throughout the 2-3 week campaign. Students continue to enjoy this opportunity to chat with alumni and develop new transferable skills for their CVs. The timing of the Telethon also offers them plenty of time to continue with their studies during the calling period.

We are very grateful for the support we receive Telephone Campaign 2017 caller Mattand we are delighted that collectively the Telephone Campaigns have raised over £3.5 million. This has made a huge difference to the lives of students.

Thank you for your support.



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