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Two of our student callers

In 2004, the College embarked on an annual programme of regularly telephoning alumni, and the results have had a transformative effect on the lives of many undergraduates and graduates, and on the fabric of the College itself.

A Telethon offers us the opportunity, first and foremost, to keep in touch with you and let you know what’s going on in and around the College. Our student callers relish the opportunity to speak with alumni and both parties continue to enjoy the conversations. Secondly, it offers you a chance to hear about our fundraising projects to benefit the current student body and choose to offer your support. Furthermore, you will also hear about other opportunities available for you to get involved with the College such as offering careers advice to students or acting as a year or regional representative. Although an important part of a campaign, it is not all about fundraising and we hope that you enjoy exchanging experiences with a current student.

We recruit up to 13 current students who we pay for their time, cover their accommodation costs and feed very well throughout the 2-3 week campaign. Students continue to enjoy this opportunity to chat with alumni and develop new transferable skills for their CVs. The timing of the Telethon also offers them plenty of time to continue with their studies during the calling period.

We are very grateful for the support we receive Telephone Campaign 2017 caller Mattand we are delighted that collectively the Telephone Campaigns have raised over £3 million. This has made a huge difference to the lives of students.

Thank you for your support.

Our next campaign

Our next Telephone Campaign will run through March and April 2019. We plan to recruit up to 12 students who will call more than 600 alumni and have fun and engaging conversations. Furthermore, they will be seeking to raise £150,000 for the Trinity Hall Fund. We look forward to speaking with you!

Previous Campaigns

Telephone Campaign 2018

Calling Team 2018
Calling Team 2018

Our 2018 Calling Team greatly enjoyed speaking with many alumni this year. We are pleased to report that our students had wonderful conversations with more than 600 of you and were able to raise more than £255,000 for the Trinity Hall Fund.

We are very grateful for your continued support both in terms of crucial financial support of the fund but also to those who have offered their time for careers advice for which our students continue to greatly benefit.

If you would like to find more about our callers and their experiences this year, please visit the Telethon Website. To find out all about the impact your generosity has had, please visit this page.

If you have any questions about our Telephone Campaigns, please contact James Adamcheski-Halson, the Development Officer who will be happy to answer any queries or concerns that you may have.

Telephone Campaign 2017 +-
  • 10 students spoke with more than 450 alumni over three weeks
  • Over £167,000 was pledged
  • Over £183,000 was received
  • 62% of those called agreed to make a gift to the Trinity Hall Fund.
  • The funds raised will continue to help support our current students who struggle with financial hardship, to bolster our access and outreach initiatives, help us continue our programme of refurbishment of the College’s historic buildings and support global student travel to academic conferences where they present their research.
Telephone Campaign 2016 +-
  • 11 students spoke with more than 550 alumni over three weeks
  • Over £197,000 was pledged
  • Over £203,000 was received
  • 58% of those called agreed to make a gift to our Annual Fund
Telephone Campaign 2015 +-
  • 11 students spoke with more than 650 alumni over three weeks
  • Over £167,000 was pledged
  • Over £190,000 was received
  • 57% of those called agreed to make a gift to our Annual Fund
Telephone Campaign 2014 +-

Eleven students took part in our tenth telephone campaign calling around 800 alumni with updates on College news – particularly news of the refurbished dining hall and new College cafe! – ask for feedback and seek support for our current fundraising projects. We are delighted that £239,935 has been pledged so far and 59% of those called agreed to make a gift. Thank you to everyone who has pledged their support – your gift will help make a real difference.

Telephone Campaign 2013 +-
  • 15 callers spoke to 800 alumni in March/April 2013
  • £312,947 was pledged
  • 58% of those spoken to made a gift

The funds raised enabled us to offer grants to our students facing financial hardship, assist graduates with their research expenses, improve our outreach activities and refurbish the Dining Hall and rooms on central site.

Telephone Campaign 2012 +-
  • 16 students spent two weeks over the Easter vacation talking to over 1,000 alumni
  • Over £272,000 was pledged
  • £335,000 has been fulfilled, making this year’s campaign our most successful.
  • 55% of those called chose to make a gift
  • We were able to update the records for around 600 members

The funds raised from the campaign were put towards our teaching support and student support funds, the regeneration of “A” staircase, improving our library and IT resources and assisting College teams with kit and equipment purchases.

Telephone Campaign 2011 +-
  • 17 student callers spoke with 700 alumni in March/April 2011
  • Over £210,000 was pledged
  • £220,329 was received
  • 56% of alumni chose to make a gift
  • Gifts were used to increase our student support funds, help with the refurbishment of G staircase and improve the College’s resources.

As our seventh Telephone Campaign took place we knew we would be facing challenging times ahead, with the government Teaching grant being cut by 80% this year and fees set to increase in 2012 – this certainly gave our callers plenty to discuss. Students and alumni shared experiences of College life and students had the opportunity to hear about life after graduation and for alumni to hear details of the latest news and events from College. We are very grateful to all those who signed up to our careers network to help advise students as a result of the campaign.

Telephone Campaign 2010 +-
  • 16 Trinity Hall students contacted just under 1000 alumni in March 2010
  • £275,124 was pledged, which took the total raised by our Telethons to over £1 million.
  • 61.4% of those called agreed to make a gift
  • Gifts were used to refurbish P staircase, support College clubs and societies including purchasing a new Filippi IV for the boat club, increase the funds for student support and help with cataloguing of manuscripts in the Old Library.

Our sixth Telephone Campaign was also an opportunity for students to advise alumni of the launch of our new online community

Telephone Campaign 2009 +-
  • 14 students spoke with 875 alumni over two weeks
  • Over £255,000 was pledged
  • £260,899 was received
  • 61% of those called agreed to make a gift to our Annual Fund

Students shared many experiences of Trinity Hall today and life at Trinity Hall decades ago; asked for feedback, particularly with regard to publications which we are currently reviewing, and told our members of the latest college news – the new Aula bar featuring quite often in conversations.

Telephone Campaign 2008 +-
  • 16 student callers spent two weeks contacting around 700 alumni
  • £113,300 was received
  • 61% of those contacted on the telethon have chosen to make a gift
  • Gifts were used to alleviate student hardship, fund student activities, support the College library and help fund projects such as the regeneration of the JCR.
Telephone Campaign 2007 +-
  • 11 undergraduates spoke to around 700 alumni over a two week period
  • Over £165,000 was raised
  • Over 65% of alumni called choose to make a gift
  • Gifts were used for student bursaries and the restoration work in Front Court.
Telephone Campaign 2006 +-
  • 13 callers spoke to 800 alumni in March-April
  • Over £180,000 was raised
  • 52% of alumni contacted chose to make a gift
  • Gifts were used for student bursaries and to improve IT provision within College, including new servers for the College’s Wychfield site.
Telephone Campaign 2004 +-
  • 14 callers spoke to over 750 alumni in June
  • Over £160,000 was raised
  • Gifts were used to purchase a new piano, for Choral scholarships and purchase sets of bones for students reading medicine

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