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Including Trinity Hall in your Will

There are several ways to include Trinity Hall in your Will and different types of legacies. If you choose to make a legacy to the College, we suggest you consult your solicitor who can advise you on the next steps. Any legacy to the College should refer to Trinity Hall, Cambridge and some suggested wording is given below.

"I/We give free of tax to the Master and Fellows of Trinity Hall, Cambridge CB2 1TJ (Registered Charity Number 1137458) the residue/a proportion of the residue of my estate/the sum of £(amount) to be used as they think fit and declare that the receipt of the Bursar or other proper officer for the time being of the College shall be sufficient discharge to my/our Executors."


The College can be included in a Will when it is first drawn up, or it can be added as a codicil to an existing Will.  Once completed, the Codicil Form should be attached to and stored with the original copy of your Will.  It is strongly advised that you arrange for this Codicil form to be witnessed in the presence of your solicitor. You should always seek legal advice before making any major alterations to you Will.

Download the codicil form

Pledge Form

The pledge form is simply a statement of your intentions, intentions that we recognise you may wish to keep confidential. However, it would be most useful to the College if you were willing to complete the Pledge Form, not only to assist the College in its long-term planning, but also to allow us to show our gratitude for your gift.

Download the pledge form

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