Get Involved

Thank you for your interest in supporting Trinity Hall. We have more than 150 alumni acting as Year or Regional Representatives or sitting on our committees. There are more than 2,200 alumni who have signed up to LinkHall, out of which nearly 1,000 have offered to give students advice. In 2020-21, £3.4m was pledged and we received £3.5m in donations, most of them for student support.

On this page you will find different ways in which you can get involved, from volunteering to donating – and they all make a huge difference to us.

Besides helping with one or more of the listed options, you can also:

  • Help find event venues – if you have a connection with an ideal event venue, please contact
  • Get involved in careers events – if you’d like to speak in an online or in-person PaTHways Careers Event, please get in touch with us on
  • Share your story – if you would like to share stories of your time in College and beyond in the LinkHall Digest, please contact
  • Be our social media ambassador – if you are well connected online and would like to help spread our messages on social media, please contact

We are very grateful to all alumni and friends who help support the College.

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