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College Teaching

Teaching within the College and University is provided through College Teaching Officers (CTOs) and University Teaching Officers (UTOs).  Historically, government support has funded academic posts, but more academics are needed and their salaries have eroded over the years.  Therefore it is imperative that a robust fund is established to support teaching posts at Trinity Hall.

CTOs are paid for entirely by the College, but their teaching remit reaches beyond the College to their Faculty where their contribution is an increasingly essential resource.  UTOs salaries are in the main paid for by the University, although the College provides them with a stipend for the teaching they carry out for the College.  Competition for UTOs is intense and therefore the colleges are having to rely on the recruitment of more CTOs.  This comes at a cost, as the funding of all CTO Fellowships is provided from the College endowment. 

In recent years Trinity Hall has received generous funding for College teaching through donations. In some cases the benefactor chose to name the Fellowship after Trinity Hall alumni whom they particularly respected; others are named after the Foundation that has funded the post, and some have been funded through the collective donations of individuals.

Current Named Fellowships:

  • The Robert Runcie Fellowship (Dean) - Dr Stephen Plant
  • The Körner Fellowship in Mathematics - Dr Ron Reid-Edwards
  • The Philomathia Fellowship - Dr Isabelle McNeill & Dr Adam Branch
  • The WYNG Fellowship - Dr Andrew Murray & Dr David Erdos

Research Articles

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Internet Freedom and Data Protection After Google Spain by Dr David Erdos

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