ClickHall FAQs

Project Creation FAQs

What is ClickHall? +-

ClickHall is a crowdfunding programme here at Trinity Hall designed to empower current students and recent graduates to identify projects within College and raise funds to make them a reality.

What is Crowdfunding? +-

Crowdfunding is the funding of a project or venture by a group of many donors. It enables donors to make an immediate impact by coming together in a community of support and encouragement to make a project a reality.

What kinds of projects can I raise money for? +-

Projects can be about anything*, but they should focus on the benefit they will provide to students, the College or the wider community. Project success heavily depends upon on the levels of organisation, commitment and enthusiasm demonstrated the ClickHall Champions and their team of ClickHall Ambassadors.

*Your project will need to be agreed with the Alumni & Development Office and the College’s Development Committee. Funding already exists for many areas in College thanks to the ongoing support of our Alumni Community. You will receive guidance from the Office should there be any concerns about your selected project.

What is a ClickHall Champion? +-

A ClickHall Champion is the student or recent graduate responsible for a project from its conception through to its delivery.

What is a ClickHall Ambassador? +-

A ClickHall Ambassador is an individual(s) who has agreed to help the Champion of their preferred project raise funds and spread the word. They will be provided with the opportunity to create their own fundraising page to encourage others to give to.

I would like to raise money for a big charity such as Cancer Research or the RSPCC for example, can I do this using ClickHall? +-

No, Trinity Hall is a registered charity so all projects need to be for the benefit of the Trinity Hall community.

How long should my project run for? +-

Projects usually run for two to three weeks but could be longer if required. This would need to be discussed with James Adamcheski-Halson, the Development Officer.

When will I have access to the funds assuming my project is successful? +-

Funds will be made available within 28 days via the Bursary following completion of a project.

What are Reward Tiers? +-

Reward Tiers are giving levels shown to a potential donor when seeking support for a project. There are usually four or five tiers which will be discussed when you setup your project

Do I need to have Reward Tiers? +-

No, however crowdfunding isn’t really crowdfunding without them. Statistically it is better to have a handful of simple reward tiers which will encourage support.

Why is it important that I update all ClickHall Supporters every step of the way? +-

Regular updates are a key part of the stewardship (or thanking) process. Weekly updates are strongly recommended right up to the completion of a project and in the weeks after.

Who should I fundraise from? +-

ClickHall Champions and Ambassadors should approach their own networks starting with family and friends. Everyone approached, regardless of whether they are able to provide philanthropic support, should be asked to share the project with their own networks as well. Crowdfunding is dependent on the sharing of a project far and wide.

Can the Alumni & Development Office help me approach Alumni to support my project? +-

Alumni will be contacted once a term to highlight all of the projects which have been successful and they may choose at that stage to support a project. Gifts can continue to be taken online and offline after projects have completed. ClickHall Champions will be contacted if this is the case.

It’s just me, I don’t have anyone else to help fundraise and become ClickHall Ambassadors – what do I do? +-

Don’t panic! A project can still be successful if you contact your own network and ensure that as many people as possible share details of your project. Links will appear on and around your project page on the ClickHall Hub which will invite individuals to become Ambassadors for your project. We will also share your project with students and other alumni. Don’t forget, there may be others who share your passion.

What happens if my project doesn’t reach its target? +-

This could happen but don’t worry if it does. With support from James in the Alumni & Development Office, you will be able to revisit your project with a view to launching again at a later date.

I do not have any experience asking for money, can you help? +-

Yes, the Alumni & Development Team will be pleased to offer support. Do have a good look at the Crowdfunding Toolkit but if you still have questions, please contact

Do I need to have a video to accompany my project? +-

No, but you are encouraged to have one. This need not be a well-produced Hollywood-level film and could just be you speaking to your mobile phone! It should capture the essence of your project and be at least one minute long. Make sure that you remember to ask for support. James, the Development Officer, is happy to advise on how best to do this.

If your question is not answered here, please download the ClickHall Toolkit. If you have additional questions, please email A flowchart to help you develop your plans can be found here.

ClickHall Supporter's FAQs

How do I support a student project? +-

Please visit the ClickHall Hub to learn all about the current projects and how to support them.

Can I give tax efficiently? +-


Yes, if you are based in the UK, you will be prompted to gift aid your donation.


A list of tax efficient mechanisms from various countries can be found here.

Which payment methods can I use? +-

Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

I have been given the opportunity to cover any transaction fees applicable to the processing of my gift. Why is this? +-

We would be very grateful if you would consider covering any transaction  fees at the time of making your gift. This will help us to ensure that your gift has the maximum impact possible.

When will I receive my promised reward? +-

Once your chosen project has been successful, the ClickHall Champion will contact you to let you know when you will receive your reward.

Will I be kept updated on the project every step of the way? +-

Yes, this is an important part of the programme and is the responsibility of the ClickHall Champion. Please do visit your chosen project page on a regular basis as well.

I have supported my chosen project by making gift, can I do more to help? +-

Yes, please share details of your chosen project with your own network by clicking the share links on the project page.


If you have any further questions, please email

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