Become a ClickHall Champion

5 reasons why ClickHall is right for you

  1. You’re enthusiastic and passionate and keen to seek funding to support students within the College community
  2. You want to raise awareness of your project – crowdfunding is a tried and tested platform for building an engaged community of people who will help you spread the word
  3. You want to find funding for a new idea, add to funding you already have or you’ve been unable to find funding elsewhere, and your project fits our guidelines
  4. You know exactly how much you need to raise and by when
  5. Your ClickHall page can connect you and your fellow ClickHall Ambassadors with alumni of similar interests, find matched funding or gifts from alumni and friends.

Important information – please read before you apply

Temper your expectations

A common misconception of crowdfunding is that it’s seen as a simple solution were you put your project online and the funding rolls in. However, it is important to note that successful projects do not happen by accident and large donations are rarely given by chance and take considerable time and dedication. To have a truly successful project you need to work for it and as you go through this toolkit, we’ll guide you through publicising your project, reward structures and how the Alumni & Development Office can help along the way. You should expect a challenge, new connections, fun and fundraising!

Is you project suitable?

Projects that aim to generate financial profits for the funders or individuals within College are not suitable. The TH Careers Network or our social media channels such as LinkedIn would be a good starting point – we can put you in touch with alumni who might best match your interests.

Once you have applied, you will be contacted by James, the Development Officer, to discuss your project further and what happens next.

Apply here to become the ClickHall Champion of your own project



If you have any questions, please contact James at

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