Medicine student testimonial

I’m Lucy and I’m just entering my 6th and final year studying Medicine at Trinity Hall. I’ve had the most amazing time here so far and would recommend everyone to give it a go and apply! The first two years are focused on learning the background science and the last three years are then mostly spent on placement at hospitals in East Anglia. In my third year I intercalated in Anthropology which I really enjoyed, with other people following varying interests and research projects. At times there can be a lot of work – particularly if like me you like to do lots of extra-curricular activities – but the collegiate system is very supportive. As a medic (medicine student) at Trinity Hall you get the chance to meet and be taught in small groups by leading figures, know medics in all six years, be involved in both JCR (undergraduate) and MCR (postgraduate) life, and spend a summer at Yale University doing research and another abroad on medical elective (both with funding available from college!).

– Lucy, 6th year Medicine student

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