Archaeology student testimonial

Archaeology’s study of cultural heterogeneities has fascinated me from a very young age. I specialise in Egyptology, studying both the language and archaeology of Ancient Egypt. Having studied both Egyptian and Akkadian languages in my first year, I found the balance of the linguistic and scientific sides of archaeology to be especially challenging and interesting. The unique opportunity to study both language- and archaeology- based papers, as well as the department’s forefront in the archaeological world, encouraged me to apply.

Artefact handling sessions and late afternoon seminars inviting academics from around the world are two of my favourite aspects of the archaeology course. Last year I was lucky enough to examine a version of the Book of the Dead held by the Fitzwilliam Museum, and meet Lee Berger, who was involved with the discovery of Homo naledi. Cambridge’s archaeology course has provided me with incredible opportunities, so I would strongly encourage anyone passionate about archaeology to apply.

The small, community-like nature of Trinity Hall makes the college truly feel like a home from home. I found this aspect of the college made it very easy to make friends in my first term. The college environment is particularly relaxing, which is much needed after a long day’s work. I was also lucky enough to receive some funding from the college for a month of fieldwork with an external project in Campania, Italy, last June

– Natasha, 2nd-year Archaeology student

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