Leonidas, LLM

My name is Leonidas Theodosiou and I am a Master of Law (LL.M.) student at Trinity Hall. I serve as the postgraduate student representative to the Faculty of Law Board and I am also the Vice-President of the Postgraduate Law Society.

Originally from Greece, I moved to England right after completing my Bachelor of Law (summa cum laude) at Aristotle University. I have also attended summer programs at Harvard and Toronto as well as several courses at Stanford Law School. During my studies, I have been generously supported by, among others, the Greek Government, PwC, Propondis Foundation, Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies and Cambridge Trusts.

This beautiful and ancient college provides a supportive, intellectually stimulating environment”

I am registered as a Trainee Attorney-at-Law with Salonica Law Bar and I have worked as a Junior Associate in a domestic law firm and as a legal intern with the General Counsel of Black Sea Trade & Development Bank.

My research interests are rather broad. They range from commercial and financial law to constitutional law, state theories, fiscal policy and economics. My latest publication is, for instance, on the underlying  interrelations of Democracy and Politeia (Athens Dialogues Harvard Journal, 2011). Papers of mine concerning the International Crisis of 2007 and the protracted Crisis in Greece have been awarded competitive prizes by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2009, 2011). The Greek Ministry of Justice has granted me the 1st Prize for my paper on legal, moral and economic considerations regarding prison labor (2012) and the Council of Europe has selected my essay on the nature of the subsidiarity principle to represent the Hellenic Republic at the International Conference on Democracy and Decentralisation in Switzerland (2010).

Being at Trinity Hall is not a coincidence. Our College was probably the first academic institution in world to be established to instruct law (canon law at that time) and is widely known in Cambridge as ‘the lawyers’ College’, although its members come from all disciplines and form a small, diverse and very friendly community of academic excellence. This beautiful and ancient College provides a supportive, intellectually stimulating environment, and I will always recall my year here with gratitude. For me, this is definitely the best College in the world’s best University.

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