Carl, BA Music

My experiences of Cambridge, although I have only been here for half a term, are all positive. Following Freshers’ Week – which if I enjoyed, anyone will enjoy – we all settle into a nice sort of rhythm, but one that allows for a lot of variation.

My daily timetable is reasonably empty because I’m an arts student, but even the Scientists and Maths students have lots of time to themselves!

It varies weekly because of the nature of my timetable, but I am either up at 8:30, or if I’m lucky 10am, and rarely do a lot of work in the mornings since I’m not a morning person (who is?!). I enjoy lectures, admiring the red faces of the early-morning rowers, and might have a supervision in the afternoon, which are very informal and really stimulating.

When I’m not working (which is lots), I play tennis, watch Orange is the New Black, meet friends in the bar, or sit on the wall by the River Cam.

My top tip for free time is to take an hour or two to cycle (or walk) to the little village of Granchester, just south of Cambridge, to take in the views, get a bit of fresh air and countryside, and enjoy a drink (soft!) at one of the pubs there. It’s a super place in summer, but a little less busy in the Autumn!

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