At Trinity Hall, we are able to provide all undergraduates with accommodation for the duration of their course. College rents are substantially lower than commercial rents.

Central site

All first-years are housed on our Central site, making it easier for them to familiarise themselves with a new setting and form friendships during the first few weeks of university. It is right in the heart of the city centre with easy access to the University Faculties. The College Cafeteria, Coffee Shop, Bar, Library, Chapel and main Music Room are also located on Central site.


Wychfield is a large site on the west side of Cambridge and has a range of accommodation, including some modern, ensuite rooms, all surrounded by beautiful gardens. It is also the site of the College’s excellent sports facilities, including a gym, squash courts, and facilities for football, hockey, rugby, cricket, netball and tennis (both grass and clay courts).

Thompson’s Lane

Thompson’s Lane, consisting of Bishop Bateman Court (‘BBC’) and WYNG Gardens, is close to the main College site and also to the main Sainsbury’s supermarket. It is also the closest of the three sites to the College boathouse on the river, therefore handy for budding rowers!

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